Make sure not to choke on the tapioca if you’re ambitious enough to down this in one sitting.

Despite our prediction of tapioca’s twilight days in Japan, attempts at testing the boundaries of bubble tea are still underway with the introduction of new drinks such as sakura bubble tea.

However for one company, sake brewery Kikusui, the realm of bubble tea had yet to be fully explored as evident with their recently released Tapioca Milk Tea Sake.

▼ If the label didn’t make it clear already, the bottle cap has a stern reminder: “This is alcohol.”

▼ Even lightweights can enjoy this drink, which only contains 5-6 percent alcohol.

Our Japanese-language reporter Ayaka noted that despite the product’s unassuming and cute design and its resemblance to your typical milk bottle, the drink invoked the image of a slightly similar sake-in-a-jar product: One Cup Ozeki.

While she associated One Cup Ozeki with the memory of old geezers drinking on the train during rush hour, what did this particular boozy brew entail?

Ayaka wasn’t the type to engage in commuting-debauchery, but she decided to taste test this new alcoholic boba product while taking a nighttime stroll at a local park.

When opening the Tapioca Milk Tea Sake, the pleasant scent of milk tea wafted into the air. However, a single gulp confirmed that the drink was no doubt Japanese sake. Ayaka savored a longer sip and noted a curious flavor similar to rum raisin, though the aftertaste was also distinctly sake.

As Ayaka continued her walking-and-drinking in high spirits, there came about a painful realization: all this boozy galore, but she had yet to encounter even one piece of boba. Was this a case of false advertising? Was she just particularly unlucky that night?

She also realized the Tapioca Milk Tea Sake never came with a straw, which was odd considering how your average tapioca needs a straw to get to those chewy bits. With only one-fifth of the drink left, there was nothing left to do but to quickly peep into the bottle.

▼ Boba found! But alas, with no straw, what else could one do but take the rest of the drink as a shot?

The Tapioca Milk Tea Sake is available at Don Quixote and online for 298 yen (US$2.76) without tax.

If you prefer more of a kick of caffeine, there is also a café au lait version available. But for those who especially want to participate in more alcohol-guzzling activities, take time to check out Tokyo’s limited edition sakura-themed pop-up bar.

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