If you’re in the mood for pink foods, look no further this spring than IKEA stores in Japan. 

That’s right, the “Sakura Pink Food Fair” is now going on at IKEA stores across Japan, and the items on the menu should be a welcome treat for those who can’t wait for the sakura trees to bloom.

IKEA has delighted us in the past with fun food campaigns and quirky menu items, and once again they don’t disappoint with colorful foods that should give you an early taste of the sakura season, which is still about a month away.

Let’s take a look at the special sakura and pink menu, shall we?

▼ Pink Dessert Plate (499 yen, US$4.60)

This fancy plate of desserts includes a slice of chiffon cake and a French macaron garnished with raspberries, whipped cream  and lingonberry-flavored anko paste.

▼ Pink Dessert Plate (299 yen)

The traditional Swedish Princess Cake looks inviting in a sakura-like pale pink color, although it’s not sakura flavored.

▼ Sakura Sundae (250 yen)

This colorful treat is made with sakura-flavored soft serve ice cream topped with a skewer of dumplings in three colors and a serving of sweet red bean paste.

▼ Spring Dog  (250 yen)

This dessert dog is filled with whipped cream and sweet green pea paste, and it’s made with a pink hot dog bun! The salt-pickled sakura flower on top not only looks pretty but adds a nice salty accent to the sweet filling.

▼ Jumbo Sakura Hot Dog (250 yen)

This hot dog with a jumbo size sausage also comes in a cute pink bun!

In addition to the above items, you can also buy sakura-flavored bread and scones at the Swedish Food Market to take home with you as well. If you want to try the sakura and pink menu, they’ll be available at all IKEA stores in Japan until April 19. 

As far as we’re concerned, we’re always happy to see sakura-themed products, be it a jelly dessert, a vegan fast-food item or a bubble drink, so this just gives us one more reason to visit IKEA!

Source and images: PR Times 
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