Hirazi tells us all the good and bad things that resulted from removing his pubic hair

When it comes to hair removal, our Japanese language report Go Hatori is usually the expert, and he’s the one who tests out all the novel products from the 100-yen shops. But recently, one of our other Japanese language reporters, Hirazi, decided to get hair professionally removed from his VIO area, which is also known as the “delicate zone” in Japanese, and includes the whole groin area.

Hirazi is in favor of hair removal for men, though for some it’s a contested issue. But whether you’re a man or woman, undergoing any kind of hair removal procedure from any part of the body can be a big leap, so Hirazi has kindly taken one for the team and share the best and worst things about the aftermath of getting hair professionally removed, especially in the “delicate zone”.

(Warning: There are no NSFW pictures, but some content may be too intimate for readers with delicate sensibilities.)

The Good Things

1. It’s clean

Hirazi’s particular style of hair is very thick and bristly, so washing his delicate zone before a bath was more like shampooing than soaping, and it was hard to clean the areas that most need cleaning. But without hair, he can easily reach the skin, so he feels like, on the whole, he’s much cleaner after having the hair removed.

Also, though he had the procedure done in the middle of winter and it currently feels a little chilly, he expects that in summer it will be nice and cool, which will prevent things from getting too stuffy down there.

2. Going to the bathroom is much easier

This might be a little TMI, but Hirazi wanted to be frank. We did warn you about the intimate nature of this conversation!

Before hair removal, urinating was…somewhat unpleasant, as Hirazi had so much hair that pulling out his penis meant pulling out some hair too. Without hair, it’s not nearly so uncomfortable, as you might guess. But doing the other deed had been a challenge too. He always worried about the toilet paper getting stuck on the rough hairs around his anus.

But now that his hair has been removed, the toilet paper slides right across with no issue whatsoever! He’s even using less toilet paper, so both the environment and his butt have benefited from the procedure.

3. His futon has become way more comfortable

In winter, Hirazi likes to sleep completely naked, because he likes the way the softness of his futon and comforter feel on his skin. Without hair to get in the way of that, he feels like his futon is three times as comfortable as before. It might sound like an exaggeration, but for Hirazi, it’s true.

The Bad Things

1. It’s really itchy when the hair grows back

If you just undergo a hair removal procedure once, the hair starts to grow back right away. The half-grown hairs are prickly and they itch when your thighs rub together or when they rub against your underwear. It’s not always bad, but after you feel it once, you start to want to scratch, heedless of who’s looking.

It would be nice if hair removal procedures really removed hair for good, but until we have that technology we’ll just have to deal with it, because it’s annoying to shave everything yourself, says Hirazi.

2. It was shocking to see everything without hair

The last time Hirazi had no pubic hair was probably in junior high school, so seeing everything so clearly and out in the open was, at first, a little bit of a shock. Actually, it was a little disheartening for him. The colors and the texture of the skin down there was not as he remembered. The last time he’d seen it all, everything had been much more…youthful and…soft, so he almost didn’t recognize himself.

Well, of course individual results may vary in this regard.

3. He was a minority at the public bath

Every now and then Hirazi enjoys a trip to his local public bathhouse, but after getting his hair removed he was embarrassed to find that he was the only one with a completely hairless groin. While feeling like a member of the minority, he also felt that everyone was looking at him and his bare delicate zone. He thinks he likely wouldn’t be able to avoid that.

But even with all the embarrassment and the shock, if asked if he could remove his pubic hairs forever, Hirazi would answer yes without hesitation. Looking at the whole picture, Hirazi was pretty satisfied with the results, so he really recommends people who are on the fence about it give it a try. Lots of men are already shaving–so why not go all the way?

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