hair removal

We see an ad recruiting “Nose Hair Craftsmen”, get curious, visit the shop to see what it’s about

What is a Nose Hair Craftsman and what does one do?

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Japanese model proudly displays armpit hair on giant ad at Shibuya

Japan’s poster girl for self-love and diversity wants us to embrace body hair choices.

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Our male reporter got hair removed from his “delicate zone”, dishes on the whole experience

Hirazi tells us all the good and bad things that resulted from removing his pubic hair

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Do 100-yen hair removal pads do the trick, or leave our reporters the hairy messes they are?

Is being a “kuru kuru Princess” really all it’s cracked up to be?

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Grooming industry experts say an increasing number of Japanese men are shaving their pubic hair

The butt is getting more attention too, they claim.

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Japanese female pubic hair shaving guides help users shape hearts, triangles, and more

In a country where many women choose not to shave their pubic hair, this company is offering some assistance to those who do.

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New Attack on Titan collaboration takes the fight to unwanted body hair

Fans of the hit anime Attack on Titan may also know it by its original Japanese title, Shingeki no Kyojin, which literally translates to “Advancing Giants.”

Giants aren’t the only thing advancing upon us, though, because now there’s an unusual advertising campaign announcing the arrival of Shingeki no Bijin, or Advancing Beauties, and the war we’re fighting is the war on body hair.

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Internet survey sheds light on how Japanese women deal with the hair ‘down there’

Different cultures have different norms regarding the acceptability of body hair. For example, in many countries of the world, women are largely expected to shave their legs and underarm hair when going out in public. But what about that other, far less public patch of hair?

The latest edition of Shogakukan’s News Post Seven teamed up with an online research agency to check up on the status quo of what Japanese women nowadays do with the ‘hair down there,’ especially now that attitudes in Japan are becoming increasingly similar to those in the West. Do they shave it? Tidy it up every so often? Leave it as is? The internet survey disclosed some revealing results.

If you’re a woman and visited a Japanese hot spring before, you may be able to guess that things are about to get a little hairy…

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