Something so simple turned into something so beautiful and yet educational!

With the corona pandemic sweeping the world right now, many people are on lockdown. Being stuck in your house for days on end is enough to make anyone stir crazy, and while some business have started to offer novel solutions to combat the boredom, cabin fever can make people do some crazy things.

Japan is not on official lockdown yet, but it looks to be just a matter of time. With an abundance of free time on their hands, many people may start a new hobby, learn a new language, fine tune a skill or just make the most of the time given to them.

Twitter user Omusoba (@omomsobaa), though, didn’t have such lofty goals for a video he recently posted to Twitter, which shows a tower of mahjong tiles placed carefully on top of a speaker. Omusoba claims he did this with the intention of playing a song with a heavy bass to knock the tiles off, but what happened next was not what he had envisioned.

▼ “I was planning on knocking over these tiles with the bass, but this was unexpected.”

The bass in Katy Perry’s song “Dark Horse” definitely did something to the tiles, but it didn’t knock them over. Instead, the tiles slowly spun around in a mesmerising sight. And while all the tiles were spinning, the tiles on the top were spinning a lot more than the tiles close to the speaker itself. And just to prove it wasn’t CGI, Omusoba ended the video by knocking over the tiles with his hand.

Many Twitter users were baffled and amused by the phenomenon.

“I laughed at how abruptly it ended!”
“Why is it spinning like that?”
“Beautiful… they look like they’re dancing!”
“I wanted to see what the chorus part would do to the tiles!”

One Twitter user offered their explanation as to why the tiles moved in such a fashion.

“Sound waves are, well, waves. The further they travel, the bigger their movement. It’s the same as an earthquake.”

If you want to recreate this experiment at home during lockdown, all you need is a speaker, some mahjong tiles and a song with a heavy, heavy bass. You can also always host your own hanami picnic party at home, with Domino’s pizza promotion bagging you a free second pizza.

Source: Twitter@omomsobaa via Jin
Top image: Pakutaso
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