Fist of the school idol festival?

Because of its massive impact and enduring popularity, it’s easy to forget that schoolgirl idol anime Love Live! has only aired 52 TV episodes since its premiere in 2013. But the franchise keeps in the limelight with a dizzying stack of side projects, and the concept in the latest Love Live! spin-off video is its most surprising yet.

Instead of a Tokyo high school or quiet seaside town, the preview for this “new program” opens with a post-apocalyptic ruined cityscape. We see a few figures standing in the rubble of the crumbled skyscrapers, as the narrator informs us:

“In the year 20XX, the world has fallen into chaos, and humanity had reached its breaking point. But then, sweeping away the dark clouds of confusion and bringing hope to humanity, came a shining flash of light!”

We’re then introduced to three teams of three heroines each: CYaRon, Azalea, and Guilty Kiss, who fans of Love Live! Sunshine!! will recognize as subgroups of the anime arc’s Aquors idol unit. However, even these three power trios aren’t strong enough to stand together, facing defeat after defeat. “But even if they are defeated 10,000 times, they rise again 10,001 times!” the narrator proclaims, and eventually they join forces to become… CYaZALEA Kiss!

After the title card for “Episode 1: Explosive birth!! CYaZALEA Kiss!!!” we’re treated to the action-packed theme song, which the video below is queued up to the start of.

Obviously, these girls live in a world that needs lyrics that burn with more power and passion than ordinary idol fare, and the lyrics translate as:

CYaZALEA Kiss (Go!)
We’ll protect everyone with love (Foo!)
The sweet kiss of justice
CYaZALEA Kiss (Kiss!)

No matter what happens, so we can keep talking about tomorrow
We won’t forgive those who disturb the peace
Creating the light, striding straight ahead
Because of the holy power that awakened in us

All of us can be brave
Don’t be afraid. Face the darkness head on!

Take aim! Dadadan!
Rocket punch
We’ll defeat them! Dadadan!
Fire kick

We won’t lose. We won’t!
(Fight! Love power!!)

CYaZALEA Kiss (Go!)
We’ll protect you (Foo!)
CYaZALEA Kiss (Go!)
Even our beating hearts are a weapon (Foo!)
Reach out and grab victory, CYaZALEA Kiss!

Made of love and hope
CYaZALEA Kiss (Kiss!)

The inspiration for CYaZALEA Kiss is, quite obviously, Fist of the North Star (that’s even veteran voice actor Shigeru Chiba, Fist of the North Star’s narrator, filling that same role for the video). But despite the extremely different tones of the ultra-violent Fist of the North Star and the unflappably good-natured Love Live!, CYaZALEA Kiss looks like it’d be an absolute blast to watch on a weekly basis, with the Sunshine!! cast getting an early-‘80s anime makeover and combining over-the-top fight sequences with a driving multi-vocalist soundtrack, like a grittier, sweatier Symphogear.

Alas, while the video’s YouTube upload date is registered as March 31, it was tweeted out by the official Love Live! Twitter account the next day, and is almost certainly meant as an April Fool’s joke. But hey, if there’s one thing Love Live! fans have proven, it’s their willingness to throw massive piles of cash at the franchise when they see something they like. If the video gets enough of a positive response, maybe we’ll see CYaZALEA Kiss in some capacity again, and in the meantime, there’s also this vision of what a late-’80s Love Live! would look like.

Source: YouTube/ラブライブ!シリーズ公式チャンネル via Otakomu
Images: YouTube/ラブライブ!シリーズ公式チャンネル
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