Sometimes all we need is a little extra incentive to get moving.

Amid the spread of COVID-19 and the Japanese government declaring a state of emergency for seven Japanese prefectures, the average person’s level of physical activity is likely decreasing. That’s where Coca Cola Japan comes in.

They don’t want you to become inactive, so they’ve launched the #RefreshatHome in-home exercise campaign. Users of the Coke ON app will have access to weekly exercise videos, and if you exercise enough to count for 1,000 steps, you’ll be entered into a lottery to receive one of 200,000 tickets per week for a free Coca Cola drink.

▼ The exercises look pretty easy, and they shouldn’t bother your neighbors downstairs too much!

You may be thinking, “But Coca Cola isn’t healthy!” Luckily, Coca Cola Japan offers a lineup of non-sugary drinks like sports drinks, green tea, coffee, and water. If you win a free drink, you’ll receive a ticket on your mobile phone that you can use at one of 340,000 Coke ON-eligible vending machines across the country. And even if you don’t win, you’ll still be able to download a cool stamp.

The campaign started on April 6th and runs through until May 10th, which is conveniently about as long as several of Japan’s prefectures’ state of emergency is set to last. To put that into perspective, that means the company is giving away a total of 1,000,000 free drinks to app users that can get their 1,000 steps’ worth of movement in!

If you’re in Japan and are willing to work up a sweat watching someone demonstrate exercises in a polar bear costume, get on it! Oh, and the Evangelion theme is a great exercise aid too.

Sources: Coca Cola Japan, Shokuhin Sangyo Newspaper
Top image: YouTube/Coca Cola Japan
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