Or rather, by what he did not receive.

Transparent beverages like amazing colorless milk tea and lemon tea made headlines in Japan when they were released a few months ago, due in no small part to the fact that it royally messed with our brains in a good kind of way.

Which was why Japanese Twitter user @masa_b_ got a pleasant surprise when Coca-Cola Japan’s official Twitter account notified him that he was the lucky winner of the “Untested Transparent Coke Present Campaign”, a promotion he had applied to for a chance to get the rumored new colorless drink.

The prize was to be sent to his address, but when he opened the parcel weeks later in the mail, only an an empty plastic box imprinted with Coca-Cola’s distinctive logo greeted him.

▼ Bewildered, @masa_b_ examined the
single card nestled within. (Translation below)

“Congratulations on winning the prize! We would like to sincerely thank you for taking part in the 1 July present campaign. We’ve enclosed a set of two bottles of Untested Transparent Coke in here.

Through accumulated research, we’ve created this crystal clear taste with a light feel, almost as if it’s air.

We’ve used specially designed clear bottles that can only be seen by those with pure hearts.

Please enjoy!”

▼ “Wait, where’s my Cola!?”

Dismayed that he couldn’t see or even touch the bottles promised within, @masa_b_ was fully convinced that he lacked a pure heart. It wasn’t until he saw the next few words that everything clicked in his mind:

“This is an April Fool’s joke.
Could it be that plans for retailing this product is also (a joke)…?!
When that time comes, please remember to bring this box with you!”

Japanese netizens were amused by the company’s humor:

“It’s great that they actually delivered an April Fool’s joke to your doorstep.”
“It looks like a premium box. Better take good care of it.”
“Wow! This looks delicious! Why can’t everyone else see it?”
“I really want this.”
“I can see the Cola!”

It’s a shame @masa_b_ couldn’t get his hands on some transparent Coca-Cola, but he did get a nice card and a good laugh out of it. If we knew earlier how badly he wanted them, we would have happily made some colorless Cola for him.

Source: Twitter/@masa_b_ via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter/@masa_b_
Insert image: Pakutaso