Did your favourite anime academy make the cut?

April has arrived, which usually signals the start of the new academic year in Japan. While this year may see a delayed start for some students, it’s still something on everyone’s minds.

Which is likely why the website Anime! Anime! asked readers to vote for which fictional anime school they’d like to attend. The 222 fans who responded to the questionnaire were mostly young people, with 65 percent under 19 years old and 20 percent in their twenties, and here are their top four picks.

4. Gintama High School from Gintama

Gintama High School features in, you guessed it, Gintama. The school is fictional even in the realms of the anime itself, with Ginpachi-sensei appearing in bonus scenes within the main show. The teacher of the depressingly named class ‘3-Z’, Ginpachi-sensei is often seen smoking whilst teaching, much to the chagrin of his students.

According to show lore, the school is viewed unfavorably by parents and even got first place in the “school I’d rather die than go to” survey. Apparently the voters disagreed!

3. Kunugigaoka Junior High School from Assassination Classroom

Kunugigaoka Junior High School, and specifically class 3-E, finished third in the survey. 3-E, a class for struggling students, is taught by Koro-sensei, a strange octopus-like creature who declares that he must be killed before the school year is out. Koro-sensei not only teaches the students the basics like math and science, he also teaches them assassination techniques.

Voters commented: “While it would be tough being in class 3-E, it would be nice to be taught by a teacher who really cares about their students like Koro-sensei does.” Other comments included: “I’d like to be in the same class as the other members of 3-E,” and “I want to be taught by Koro-sensei!”

2. Yumenosaki Private Academy from Ensemble Stars

Though the gender ratio of those responding was 75 percent female, the all-male idol producing school Yumenosaki Private Academy from Ensemble Stars came in second. While it’s unclear whether or not females would actually be allowed to attend, the main reason given for wanting to enroll was “to support the idols”.

The school also has a number of specialised academic departments, such as the Idol Course and the Producer Course. And while not listed as part of the survey, it’s important to note that Yumenosaki Private Academy also has a Nap Room, making it an excellent choice in my eyes.

1. U.A (Yuuei) High School from My Hero Academia

U.A High School takes the top spot in the survey. The school, featured in My Hero Academia, is the number one school for training heroes. In Japanese, the school uses the kanji 雄英 (yuuei) which is an inversion of the Japanese word for hero (英雄 or eiyuu).

Voters commented that, while the education system seemed harsh, it would likely be worth it in the end as the skills you would learn would help you out in life. Other pluses for U.A High School were the stylish uniforms, events like the school festival seeming fun, and teachers like All Might and Aizawa seeming like great teachers to have.

If you’re wondering how your favourite school fared in the rankings, here is the entire top 12:

1. U.A High School from My Hero Academia
2. Yumenosaki Private Academy from Ensemble Stars
3. Kunugigaoka Junior High School from Assassination Classroom
4. Gintama High School from Gintama
5 (tie). Otonokizaka High School from Love Live!
5 (tie). Saotome Academy from Uta no Prince-sama
5 (tie). Karasuno High School from Haikyuu!
5 (tie). Hanasakigawa Girls Academy from ACOS BanG Dream!
9. Kamome Academy from Toilet Bound Hanako-kun
10. Teitan Elementary School from Detective Conan
11. P.K Academy from The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.
12. Seishun Academy from Prince of Tennis

Did your dream anime school make the cut? Would you want to attend any of the schools listed? Schools are often featured heavily in so many different series so it’s easy to forget that in reality, Japanese schools are quite unlike their anime counterparts. Having said that, there may be a couple that are closer to anime than you’d think!

Source: Yahoo! Japan News/Anime! Anime! via Otakomu
Top image: Pakutaso

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