A Gintama fan’s emotional 19-year journey to buy a proper Lake Toya bokuto wooden katana【Pics】

What started out feeling like a dumb gag manga became a source of strength as our otaku reporter searched for a purpose in life.

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Trailer for new Gintama movie pays homage to another famous anime series【Video】

Feel like you’ve seen this art style somewhere before? You’re not alone!

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How I met your cosplaying father? Cosplay suplex leads to lifelong love for Gintama fans

Romance blossoms after body hits the pavement in Tokyo.

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Which fictional anime school would you like to enroll in? Japanese fans vote in online survey

Did your favourite anime academy make the cut?

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Samurai style for the rainy season! Wooden samurai bokuto sword umbrella goes on sale in Japan

Unique design should be a hit with fashionistas and history buffs, and also hides a subtle anime cosplay secret.

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Tokyo indoor anime theme park launches new cosplay rental service

There’s no easier or more appropriate place to cosplay as some of the greatest heroes of the anime and manga world.

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Flaunt your fandom and sleep in style with these new Gintama pajama sets

You’ll be comfy and cool from head to toe!

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New cast photos from Gintama live-action movie show off model Nanao as Matako, other antagonists

Upcoming film looks poised to buck the trend of mediocre adaptations of anime and manga.

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Cast of live-action Gintama anime adaptation appears in costume for first time 【Photos】

Here’s how the silver-haired samurai and his cohorts will look in their real-world debut.

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Do manga artists earn big bucks from film adaptations? Gintama author spills the beans

Watching a film adaptation multiple times might not be the best way to financially support your favourite manga artist.

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Kanna Hashimoto to star alongside Shun Oguri in Gintama live-action movie

If you haven’t heard, Gintama is getting a live-action movie adaptation in 2017!

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Japan’s centuries-old Mino ware pottery tradition embraces anime stars from Naruto and Gintama

The stunning new plate series brings iconic imagery from the modern-day world of manga and anime to a revered traditional art.

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Gintama anime entering the critically acclaimed Assassination Arc this December

Anime based on a successful manga series sometimes run into an awkward situation where they have to use “filler episodes” in order to give the manga time to add more story. These episodes are generally more of the same stuff fans already love, but in the back of their mind, they know nothing truly groundbreaking can happen in them.

Gintama is a special case though since the series is quite episodic and those in charge of the anime are free to add their own additional stories. Which is probably why one of the best stories from the original manga hasn’t made it to air yet. Gintama fans don’t have to wait too much longer, though, as the Assassination Arc is finally making its debut on TV this December.

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Gintoki tranforms into absolutely adorable Ginko for limited-edition Gintama figure

The anime series Gintama has been having a great season, starting off with a hilarious parody in which main character Gintoki re-enacted shamed Japanese politician Ryutaro Nonomura’s very public bawling session from last year. Then, mid-way through this season, there were a couple of genderbent episodes in which members of the cast were suddenly transformed into the opposite sex, including the cool and masculine Gintoki who became the cute and busty Ginko!

To celebrate the fun of that mini-arc, Premium Bandai is selling 1,000 limited-edition figures of Ginko-chan and we can’t get over how adorable she is!

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Enjoy the summer festivals in a Gintama yukata

Premium Bandai is listing two special yukata for the many discerning Gintama fans. Rather than being outright replicas of Gintoki’s kimono and the Shinsengumi’s uniforms from the series, both yukata take color and print cues for something original.

The Gintoki yukata includes a fan motif featuring the pattern on his own kimono. The rest of the print includes red, black, and blue dots in varying sizes and small diamond shapes. The set includes a black obi.

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Gintama themed cafe coming to Ikebukuro! Get ready for some wacky Edo hijinks

Gintama fans are in for a special treat as a cafe in Ikebukuro is re-working its image and re-opening as Yorozuya, the “we do everything” office from the Gintama manga.

While this cafe won’t be able to help you with all your life problems, they will be able to satisfy your need to eat, dine and be merry surrounded by Gintama characters and decor. This special theme cafe will finally make a Yorozuya store a reality and you only have to wait until this August.

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New Gintama season mocks bawling Japanese politician

The first episode of Gintama‘s fourth incarnation as a TV series aired on April 8 by satirizing Ryūtarou Nonomura, an assemblyman from Hyōgo Prefecture who infamously erupted in tears and howls while apologizing for misuse of public funds on hot springs trips.

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Tokyo, Osaka limited Gintama shops to sell limited edition merch for a limited time

In honor of the return of historical-sci-fi-comedy anime Gintama to television screens across Japan, Namco announced the opening of three shops in Tokyo and Osaka starting on April 18.

The limited-time shops will be selling both limited Gintama merchandise as well as some super-limited items. Yes, it’s a collector’s dream and a civil-rights enthusiast’s nightmare as there are so many limitations to these stores you’d think you’d lost a few of your inalienable rights in the process!

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