We’re pleasantly surprised to discover that a 100 yen gadget allows us to make acceptably decent sushi

With many of us trying to stay at home at the moment, we’re sure everyone has been doing a lot more home cooking recently. And if, like us, you’re running out of recipes to try, any new tool or idea for cooking is bound to be a welcome help.

Well, we found exactly such an item at 100 yen shop Can Do, and one of our Japanese-language reporters, Go Hatori, was happy to give it a brave try. The product in question? A sushi maker, of all things!

Sure, we’ve already seen how versatile the product range at 100 yen shops can be, serving needs from disaster preparedness to cosplay. But will “Sushikko” the sushi maker, a simple-looking, plastic gadget really allow us to make decent sushi? Sushi making, after all, is supposed to be a highly specialized craft, isn’t it?

Let’s see how the cooking session with Sushikko went.

We first cooked some rice and added vinegar to it to make the vinegared rice (sumeshi) that we need for sushi.

We then ran water over the Sushikko container to get it wet.

We filled the container with the vinegared rice, being careful not to pack the rice too tightly.

We put the lid on the container…

… then pressed the lid down a little onto the rice.

We flipped the container over and opened it up …

… and there, we had a nicely formed piece of sushi rice!

Place a piece of store-bought ready-to-serve sushi ingredient — boiled shrimp in this case — and we were surprised to see that it actually looked like real sushi.

And if you use a strip of nori seaweed …

… you can also create a gunkan-style sushi roll, in this case topped with ikura salmon roe.

Here’s the sushi we ended up with:

And we thought it looked pretty good, if we do say so ourselves.

Of course, we had to see how the sushi tasted too. The tuna was yummy …

… as was the salmon, which happen to be two of the most popular sushi ingredients in Japan.

In fact, we were quite impressed that we made this sushi plate ourselves!

▼ Just look at the shiny ikura. Mmm….

▼ Well done, Go!

Yes, we’re glad to report that Go’s efforts with the Sushikko sushi maker resulted in perfectly decent sushi.

▼ Go was happy enough with his sushi creations to share the pictures on his Instagram account:

Okay, so home-made sushi using a 100 yen gadget may not be the same as the sushi you can get at a joint in the Toyosu Fish Market, but we found the quality to be much more than acceptable. Plus, making your own sushi with the ingredient of your choice could be a lot of fun at get-togethers.

We only hope we can gather with friends and family for a sushi party soon!

Photos: ©SoraNews24
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