Become a sushi-making master for less than a buck.

When it comes to sushi, makizushi, as the rolled variety is called, is the most fun to make. You can put just about any ingredients you want into the rolls, and since everything is wrapped snugly in seaweed, makizushi are easy to eat and transport, making them great for picnics, parties, or packing in a lunch to take to work or school.

The tricky part, though, is that it takes a somewhat deft touch to roll everything up without the seaweed cracking or tearing. But thanks to a new kitchen gadget we picked up at 100-yen shop Daiso, we can now make perfect sushi rolls every time…and without even doing any rolling!

The Furi Furi Norimaki Maker, which, like just about everything at Daiso, costs just 100 yen (US$0,90), is a T-shaped plastic mold with an attached handle, and is extremely simple to use.

First, flip open the lid and add in a thin layer of rice. Next, toss in whatever filling you want (fish, egg, or, if you’re feeling healthy/cheap like us, sliced cucumber) and cover everything with a final layer of rice.

Close the lid, grab the handle, and start shaking! Ideally, you want to give the mold 20 to 30 shakes to help everything compress into a cylindrical form.

Now that the core is complete, it’s time to apply the seaweed wrapping. Take a piece of dried seaweed (outside Japan, you can find these at most Asian supermarkets or specialty stores, as well as purchase them online), and place it into the slot on the Furi Furi Norimaki Maker while keeping the lid closed.

The whole piece won’t fit into the slot, but once you’ve got just a bit in there, start shaking the mold once again.

As you do this, the seaweed will get sucked into the mold, bit by bit.

Once the last bit gets sucked up, open the lid, and…

…you’ll have a perfectly formed sushi roll!

If you’re feeling decadent, you can eat the rolls whole. Alternatively, if you’re feeling generous enough to share, or simply want to boost the aesthetic quality, you can slice them into shorter pieces.

Show up with a plate of these to a party, and you’re sure to be everyone’s hero. Of course, once your friends find out about how simple (and cheap) the Furi Furi Norimaki Maker is, they might want to get their own, but having a bunch of friends who’re ready to make sushi in just seconds sounds like a pretty good tradeoff for giving up a little bit of the spotlight.

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