100 yen shop

Thailand’s Daiso is so different from Japan’s that they might as well be on different planets

One is a collection of oddly useful household goods while the other is a cosmetic paradise.

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We run a camellia oil-infused brush through our tresses and set them a-gleam, only spend 100 yen

Our in-house bargain beauty buff has found yet another method to upgrade his locks. How shiny can a 100-yen camellia oil brush make your hair?

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We treat ourselves to overnight 100-yen curlers from Daiso: are they worth looking this goofy?

SoraNews24 sends our thrifty reporter to test a set of sponge curlers, so he looks like an old-timey housewife. And that’s before he takes them out.

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We plump up our perms with a “Fairy Hair Curler” from the 100 yen store!

In-house reporter Go Hattori bravely takes the plunge to see if this cheap product will fluff his curls up or leave them a floppy, flat mess.

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We tried out the portable sparkling head spa and now we can’t ever go back to normal hair washing again.

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Stretching the limits of Japanese budget belts with the Easy Stretch Belt from the 100 yen store

Our in-house 100 yen store guru snaps up a deal that eliminates the need to keep his belt buckled, and keeps his finances as secure as his pants.

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“Hair Extension Bangs” from a 100-yen store: A bargain to beautify the bald and bereft

Our reporter heads to the discount store in hopes of glamming up his forehead, and shares the whole process in glorious GIF form.
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Art on the cheap: Twitter user creates silver orb jewellery for around 100 yen 【Photos】

Feel like Vulcan in his forge and work metal with your bare hands with just a roll of cheap foil.

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Japanese artist finds a way to see through manga characters’ clothing【Video】

It turns out the secret to X-ray vision is a surprising item from a 100-yen shop.

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These easy DIY bath bombs can be made with ingredients from the 100 yen shop

100 yen shops have it all, including what you need to make your own customizable bath bomb!

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Gundam model enthusiast turns plain smartphone case into amazing work of art

In one day, this artist adds years to this phone case.

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Daiso’s Silicone Moisturizing Mask hydrates your face the smart way

Nourish your skin and lock in moisture for just 100 yen!

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Japan’s Twitterers show off more clever ways to transform 100-yen store items

These are the best “wrong” way to use those 100-yen purchases.

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When they’re done holding your keys, let your anime keychains start a second career decorating your home.

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Japanese hobbyist makes real tiny pizzas in a fully working, smoking miniature wood-fired oven!

Take a look at these amazing pictures to see how the tiny brick oven was made to scale.

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Six awesome travel goods you can find at 100 yen shop Daiso!

That’s right, you really can get these items for 100 yen, or just under US$1 each! 

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This “revolutionary” Japanese compression bottle is our 100-yen shop find of the week【Video】

Like many people, our reporter Go Hatori likes to decant his lotions and potions into portable mini-bottles for travel. It saves space in his luggage for other items, looks neater, and shows the world that you are a well-organised, fully-functioning member of society. The problem with those little bottles which have a spray or pump attachment, though, is they can be wasteful. Once you’re down to the last centimetre or so of product, it just refuses to come out.

So when Go discovered this tiny straw-less pump bottle in the 100-yen shop (“where everything’s 83 cents approx!”), he was over the moon!

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We try recreating Lady Gaga’s signature look using only stuff bought at a 100-yen store

On August 12, Lady Gaga arrived in Tokyo to kick off the Japan leg of her worldwide artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball. The pop icon is no stranger to Japan, and has proclaimed her love for the country on multiple occasions in the past. Not to mention the fact that her quirky fashion style seems perfectly at home with some of the bizarre outfits you’d find in Tokyo’s Harajuku district.

One of the reporters from our Japanese sister site happens to be a dedicated ‘Little Monster’ himself. Although ‘Lady Jun’, as we’ll call him from now on, is fascinated by Lady Gaga’s eccentric fashion statements, one question has always bothered him–is it possible for a normal person to create an outfit in Lady Gaga’s signature style without breaking the bank?

Enlisting the help of his fellow reporter and amateur Sailor Venus cosplayer Yoshio, the two headed over to a Japanese 100-yen shop (the equivalent of a dollar store in the States) to find out for themselves. The end result of their mission? Well, let’s just say that their creation was a bit puzzling. 

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Danish Variety Store “Tiger” in Osaka Can’t Keep Up With Japanese Shoppers, Shuts Down Soon After Opening

Danish variety store, Tiger, had recently opened up its first store in Osaka, Japan, in the shopping area known as American Village. Little did they know about the propensities of the Japanese shopper.

Or maybe they just didn’t give them enough credit. In this case, it was the intensity of Japanese shoppers that resulted in the store having to unexpectedly shut down. Despite having the experience of managing stores in 16 different countries, Tiger underestimated the insatiable drive of Japanese people to shop, even if it meant queueing in line for hours and hours.

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