A spot of traditional culture to go with your spot of tea.

There’s nothing better than relaxing at home with a nice cup of tea…unless you start to get lonely half-way through and the tranquil quiet becomes a deafening silence. Ideally it’s best to have an attentive companion who’s a great listener…and if that companion also happens to be an adorable illustrated cat, so much the better.

The Japan Cat Cafe green tea series is a bundle of three bags of Japanese green tea, perfectly sized for an individual cup. But instead of being attached to a flimsy piece of string, the bags are held in place by one of three felines who represent different aspects of Japanese history and culture.

Stealthily leading the way is Masaru, a ninja tabby whose mission is to guard your cup of tea with his shuriken.

Less intimidating and more refined is Mimi, a maiko (apprentice geisha) cat sporting kanzashi hair accessories and whose official backstory says she’s proficient in playing the shamisen and classical Japanese dance, and has also taken an interest in polishing her English conversation skills.

And last there’s Fuku, whose name means “prosperity” and is modeled after Japan’s maneki neko beckoning cat statues said to draw good luck to homes and places of business.

The tea kitties are offered in a 500-yen (US$4.70) three-pack bundle at Japanese gift and specialty shops, and while the manju sweet bean dumplings in the above photo look like a tasty pairing, those new Mister Donut Kyoto green tea sweets would probably make for an even more delicious combination.

Source, images: PR Times
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