You can’t go wrong with a team-up between Mister Donut, famous matcha maker Gion Tsujiri, and celebrity pastry chef Toshi Yoroizuka

Since starting their “Misdo meets… ” series of collaborations in 2017, Japanese doughnut chain Mister Donut has brought us some lovely joint effort creations to tempt our taste buds.

This time, we’re excited to report that Mister Donut have come out with their first ever three-way collaboration, tying up with matcha manufacturer Gion Tsujiri and renowned pastry chef Toshi Yoroizuka.

Gion Tsujiri, an established tea maker and retailer that initially opened shop in Kyoto’s Uji District 160 years ago, has actually collaborated with Mister Donut in the past, as has Toshi Yoroizuka. And since Yoroizuka himself is from Uji, Kyoto, there’s no reason to think a joint effort between the three parties would yield less than spectacular results.

Let’s take a look at the six items in the collaboration line-up!

● Tiramisu Chocolate Whipped Cream Doughnut (200 yen, US$1.85)This item offers a piece of tiramisu cake, chocolate flavored whipped cream, and crunchy milk crumbles sandwiched inside a cocoa-based doughnut, with a partial layer of matcha chocolate coating on top.

● Tiramisu Uji Matcha Whipped Cream Doughnut (200 yen)
This also is a cocoa flavored doughnut, containing tiramisu cake, Uji matcha flavored whipped cream and almond bits inside.

● Uji Matcha Chocolate Pie (220 yen) 
This flaky, cocoa flavored pie contains Uji matcha chocolate and chocolate cream inside, decorated with just a bit of matcha chocolate coating on top.

● Pon de Uji Matcha Chocolate Almond (160 yen) Here, they’ve created their signature chewy Pon de Ring doughnut with an infusion of — you guessed it — Uji matcha and topped it off with chocolate coating and a dusting of matcha powder as well as almond bits for texture.

● Pon de Double Uji Matcha Milk Crunch (160 yen)Again, this is a Pon de Ring doughnut containing Uji matcha, this time coated with Uji matcha chocolate and topped with crunchy milk crumbles.

● Pon de Uji Matcha and Chocolate Cream (180 yen)Another Uji matcha Pon de Ring doughnut, but you get a sweet combination of Uji matcha flavored whipped cream and chocolate cream sandwiched in the middle, and a partial coating of matcha chocolate on top.

▼ Here’s a video of a TV commercial for the new line of matcha doughnuts. We hope it doesn’t get you too hungry.

The three Pon de Ring doughnuts will be available until early June, while the other three items will be on the menu until early May. Most Mister Donut locations in Japan are currently open, but some may be operating shorter hours and offering only take-out service due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Well, even if we can’t eat out, we have to say that staying home with one (or more) of these matcha doughnuts is probably not the worst possible situation you can find yourself in, and we look forward to seeing more creative menus from Mister Donut for many years to come. We just hope we’ll be free to enjoy them in store again sometime soon!

Source, images: PR Times 
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