Senior citizen says he received dozens of date requests from woman he’s never met or spoken to.

Not every elderly man necessarily wants to date a younger woman, but most of the time they’d still be happy to find out they could attract an eligible bachelorette nearly half their age. Most of the time.

However, things were different for one unnamed 60-something man living in Japan’s Shizuoka Prefecture. Back in mid-February, he suddenly received an email from a woman saying “I want to see you,” but instead of being flattered, he was puzzled, because he doesn’t recall ever having met the women.

In a romantic comedy film, this would be the start of an unexpected relationship that leads to true love. However, what passes for a quirky and spontaneous personality in the movies is, in the real world, often a sign of an unstable psyche, and so the man declined.

▼ No thanks. Oh, and also it’s not nice to meet you.

But then he got another email from the woman, and another…and another. Finally, after receiving “several dozen” invitations, the man went to the police, saying that he’d been receiving unsolicited rendezvous requests from an unknown woman who refused to quit sending them.

An investigation was launched, and this week Shizuoka Prefectural Police officers from the Fujieda Precinct announced that traced the unwanted emails to a 34-year-old woman. However, there’s not just a startlingly large age gap between the man and his mysterious admirer, but a geographic one as well. As mentioned above, the man lives in Shizuoka, while the woman lives in Chiba. That’s three prefectures away, with the entirety of Kanagawa Prefecture and Tokyo separating the two people involved in the unilateral email invites.

▼ It’s about 220 kilometers (137 miles) from Shizuoka (marked in red) to Chiba (green). The trip takes roughly three hours by car or train — a long way to go to hang out with someone even if you do know them.

The woman has been arrested on charges of violating Japan’s anti-stalking laws. According to a source connected to the investigation, the woman had previously lived in Shizuoka for a time, and investigators’ current theory is that she somehow came into contact with the man and developed an attraction to him without the two of them ever conversing, then through some as yet undetermined method was able to obtain his email address, though hopefully now that her actions have come to light she’ll stop using it that knowledge.

Source: TV Shizuoka via Jin, Tokyo Sports Web
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