Original Stitch is back with custom shirts for the season — and you can get Poké Ball buttons on these ones!

It’s no secret — we’re big fans of Original Stitch’s Pokémon shirts. We’re so besotted with the range of unique fabric prints that we even went on a pilgrimage to the brand’s physical store, and cheered louder than an Exploud when more designs were announced a year after launch.

Even with the expanded line of designs and the option to pick short-sleeved bases, the shirts might well feel too heavy for the balmy climes of Japanese summer. Never fear, for Original Stitch has a brand new set of Pokémon products on the way: breezy, summery polo shirts!

In-keeping with the brand’s high level of customizability, you can choose from six colors of base cotton fabrics: pink, blue, yellow, black, navy or white. In addition, you can choose whether your polo shirt’s sleeves are short or long, and even what kind of collar your shirt will have. The standard ribbed collar can even be changed to a different color fabric if you’d prefer! The other more formal collars can’t be customized, but come with their own benefit: they look classy enough to pass for Cool Biz style work fashion.

The real draw of the polo shirts is that they can be ordered with your favorite Pokémon pal embroidered on the pocket, front or back of the shirt — or if you have three fave Pokés, you can have one in each place!

▼ The detailed pixel embroidery makes this polo shirt extra special.

You can customize the buttons, too. While earlier shirts have allowed users to change the colors to better suit their preferred fabric, this is the first time Original Stitch will offer special Pokémon themed buttons, and these are painfully cute. Red Poké Balls, blue Great Balls and yellow Ultra Balls are all included in the line-up, and if you just can’t commit to one there’s an option to use all three in sequence.

Lastly, if you’re itching to utilize the ultra-adorable Original Stitch Pokémon fabrics, you can edit the chest pocket to be crafted out of that material. Take note, though, that using custom fabric on a pocket means you won’t be able to embroider a critter there. Choose wisely!

The polo shirts will be available internationally and start at US$85 (short sleeves, standard ribbed collar, one embroidered design, no custom fabric). Adding extra embroidered patterns, custom fabric and custom Poké Ball buttons incur extra charges, but if you aren’t going to splash out on a fully decked-out Pokémon polo shirt, when are you going to splash out? Wait, don’t answer that. We already know the answer.

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Source, images: PR Times
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