Move aside unicorns, it’s time for human poo to take the spotlight in the bathtub.

Japan’s love affair with human excrement has become something of a cultural icon in recent years, with the poop emoji personifying the cute side of the turd world and popping up on all sorts of weird places like textbooks, cake moulds and ice cream.

Now, the poop emoji is here to take over your bathtub, with something that’s confusingly called the Rainbomb Mini Poop Chocolate.

▼ Are we supposed to eat this thing or bathe with it?

According to its makers, this bath bomb is definitely made for bathing, not eating, and though it looks like a turd, thankfully it doesn’t smell like it — it’s imbued with the sweet scent of chocolate instead.

While chocolate smells good, its brown colour isn’t the best look for a bath made with poo, so this sweet turd emits three colours of the rainbow.

▼ The fascinating sight of a chocolate turd leaving marks of pink, yellow, and green.

It’s not every day you get to take a bath with a swimming rainbow turd that smells good enough to eat. If you’d like to enjoy the experience, the Rainbomb Mini Poop Chocolate can be purchased at the Dreams Online Shop, and retail chains like Plaza, Loft and Don Quijote.

▼ If you prefer your poop fruity, then these peach (left) and grape (right) bath bombs are for you.

Priced at 500 yen (US$4.07) each, these turds are a great way to bring a smile to your dial in the bathroom, and they’ll make an excellent addition to this toilet piggy bank that wowed us earlier this year.

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Images: PR Times

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