The new normal at Tokyo Disney Resort is like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

It’s been four months now since Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea closed their doors to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. While the closure in late February was initially only expected to last a couple of weeks, Oriental Land Company, the Japanese corporation that owns and operates Tokyo Disney Resort, has finally decided that the pandemic situation has eased enough to allow for the parks’ reopening.

That reopening is scheduled to take place on 1 July, and today Tokyo Disney Resort unveiled a series of images and videos showing all the new requirements and systems they’ve put in place to protect both staff and visitors.

First off, ticket stalls will no longer be open, so all tickets need to be purchased online before arriving. Once you arrive, groups will be required to stand in allotted areas which provide adequate distance between guests.

After entering through the gate, staff will check the temperature of each guest while wearing a mask, face shield and gloves for safety.

▼ Staff will be on hand to remind visitors to maintain distance from each other while visiting the park.

Social distancing will be implemented throughout the resort, with taped sections ensuring guests know where to stand when lining up for rides and attractions.

▼ Taped markers will also appear on indoor seating areas.

When it comes to the rides, guests will be seated with an empty row between them. And don’t forget – when you’re on the ride, you’re not meant to scream.

For more information on the new systems in place at Tokyo Disney Resort, take a look at this summary video below:

▼ And for a more in-depth look at the attractions, check out this clip:

▼ Inside restaurants and stores, there’ll be extra protection with the use of plastic screens

▼ …and hand sanitiser sprays.

Instead of handing out menus, restaurant staff will ask guests to view menus on their smartphone via a QR code.

The number of diners inside restaurants at any one time will also be limited to allow for social distancing. For more details on what it’ll be like to eat at Tokyo Disney Resort under these new conditions, check out the introductory video below:

▼ In addition, there are some requests for visitors at stores:

Whether you choose to eat inside or outside, staff and food and drink vendors will be well-covered with masks, shields and gloves to protect themselves and help put guests’ minds at ease.

▼ For added peace of mind, public areas will be sanitised regularly while the park is open.

The only “people” you’ll see without masks during your visit to Tokyo Disney Resort will be Disney’s famous cast of characters. And while you’re keeping a safe distance away from others when they appear, you’ll have to keep even more distance between the characters, as they won’t be greeting guests with physical contact anymore.

That’s right — for everyone’s safety, cuddles and up-close encounters with Mickey and the gang is now strictly off-limits, so you’ll have to make do with simply waving at each other from a distance.

There are a few other requirements for visitors, which include using the provided hand sanitisers at restaurants, stores and attractions, and the wearing of masks at all times. While there’s some leniency whereby guests will be allowed to take their masks off while dining and when outdoors to prevent heatstroke during summer — as long as there’s adequate distance between yourself and others — the general rule is that masks should be worn at all times.

Tokyo Disney Resort has also mentioned that the operation of some attractions will be suspended for the time being, so be sure to check out the official site for more information if you’re planning a visit.

All these new procedures are designed to protect everyone’s health and safety and allow visitors to enjoy being in the happiest place on Earth again. Because at times like these, we could all do with a happy escape, even if it does look different to what we’re used to.

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Source, images: Press Release
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