Tokyo Disney Sea

Quick-thinking Tokyo Disney Sea staff helps boyfriend propose with assist from a surprising cupid

Quite possibly the last Disney character we’d expect to be a love guru has the perfect answer to one young man’s dilemma.

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Take our quality-tested Disney Sea cocktail tour: no time to lose when it comes to booze!

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to take a catalog of some of the finest seasonal cocktails available at Tokyo Disney Sea!

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Grumpy Man’s Guide to Tokyo Disney: A bitter ex-fan shares his side of the 35th anniversary gala

Can faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust rekindle P.K Sanjun’s love of Disney? Here’s his experience of the 35th anniversary festivities.
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Tokyo Disney Resort’s 35th anniversary show gala sends us on a magical journey【Photos】

Our Japanese-language reporter laughed, danced and was moved to tears by the Disney-standard quality shown off in their new theme park lineup.
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Tokyo Disney Resort plans 300-billion yen expansion, rumored to be third Tokyo Disney theme park

Expansion to have attractions exclusive to Japan, with Frozen area expected.

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An illustrated field guide to the myriad marvelous uniforms of Tokyo Disney Sea

Disney’s second Tokyo-area theme park is all about the aesthetics, as this collection of more than 20 outfits shows.

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Tokyo Disneyland allows cosplay for Halloween but prohibits non-Disney character costumes

Policy officially addresses the gray area of Kingdom Hearts.

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So it turns out Tokyo Disney Resort is an awesome place to hunt for Pokémon GO Pocket Monsters

Pikachu, Meowth, and more are living right in Mickey’s backyard.

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Adorable cosplaying one-year-old steals the spotlight at Tokyo Disneyland 【Video】

Tokyo Disneyland is filled with loveable costumed characters, but last Friday the whole cast got upstaged by this little costumed guest.

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Disney selling ultra-premium backpacks for Japanese schoolkids exclusively inside its Tokyo parks

A while back, we talked about adult fashionistas, including actress Zooey Deschanel, who’d become smitten with the boxy Japanese backpacks called randoseru. In Japan, though, randoseru are strictly for the prepubescent set, as they’re exclusively used by elementary school students.

That’s not to say that kids don’t appreciate a nice-looking bag, though, which is why Disney is getting in on the randoseru game, with a line of backpacks that can only be purchased inside its Tokyo theme parks, and cost the equivalent of several hundred dollars.

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Need life advice? The Turtle Talk attraction at Tokyo DisneySea may be your best bet

At Tokyo DisneySea, there’s a special theater-style attraction called Turtle Talk where you can ask questions in real time to Crush, everybody’s favorite East Australian Current-surfing sea turtle from Finding Nemo. 

Sounds fun, if not a bit like a generically staged Q&A session, right? However, audience members during a recent talk were in for a bit of a surprise when Crush shared an unexpectedly profound piece of wisdom in response to a young woman’s question.

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Disney fans go crazy for new character at Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo DisneySea mascot Duffy the Bear has a brand new friend! And that means new character goods now on sale at the park, and of course hundreds of Disney fans eager to get their paws on them.

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New Attraction Opens at Tokyo Disney Sea! But How Long Would You Be Willing to Wait to Get on the Ride? 1 Hour? 2 Hours? Try 6 Hours and 40 Minutes

We recently posted a story on the new Toy Story snacks and goodies that have become available at Tokyo Disney Sea in advance of the opening of the new attraction, “Toy Story Mania!“. Well, now that Toy Story Mania! has officially opened on July 9th, we wanted to let you know what the crowd was like on opening day. Okay, the attraction was highly anticipated, with excellent advance reviews, so a huge crowd was fully expected. But who would have imagined that the wait time for the ride at 10:30a.m. on opening day would be a staggering 400 minutes? That’s a 6 hour 40 minute wait! Read More