If you’ve wanted to race around the streets of your home town on a pink-and-white scooter like Natsumi, now’s your chance!

This time last year, anime film director Makoto Shinkai released his latest film Weathering with You — known as “Tenki no Ko” in Japan, which translates to “Weather Child” — and like his other full-length films and beautiful shorts, it became highly commended and very popular. Featuring his trademark beautiful animation and emotional story-telling, the film became an instant hit and inspired numerous spin-off products like an art book, a cafe, and, now, even a scooter!

Honda is selling a cute pink-and-white scooter much like the one that the character Natsumi zips around Tokyo on, with the main character Hodaka occupying the seat behind her. It’s now available for a limited time only, so if you want a stylish way to get around town, look no further!

▼ Natsumi’s scooter

The Super Cub 50 and Super Cub 110, which look nearly identical but are different in power output, are both newly available in “Tenki no Ko” versions, which reproduce the coloring of the scooter in the film with a hue they call “summer pink”. The design also features a brown seat and special sticker on the inside of the leg guard to prove that it’s a true “Weathering with You” scooter.

▼ “Weathering with You” sticker

Orders for both models can be submitted to Honda Go Rental shops around the country, and they’ll be available for pickup starting on July 23. As a bonus, everyone who completes a purchase contract will also get a free Natsumi-inspired pink-and-white striped helmet as well!

The Super Cub 110 “Tenki no Ko ver” retails for 313,500 yen (US$2,923.12), while the same version of the Super Cub 50 goes for 269,500 yen. The order window will close on October 31, so don’t wait too long if you want to zip around town in style!

And don’t forget to pick up your Weathering with You blu-ray/DVD if you haven’t already. This movie definitely bears rewatching, even if only to see the subtle changes to the animation.

Source: Honda via Japaaan
Images: Honda

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