Rock T-shirts and hoodies emblazoned with graffiti-spattered prints of your fave pilot, EVA-01, or the second angel, Lilith.

We already love Premium Bandai, one of the most dangerous places on the Internet for anime-obsessed collectors to browse. Their luxury, limited-run items span from feline models of the Naruto heroes to chunks of android ab muscle and everything in between. Because the products are made to order, you can only procure Premium Bandai wares by pre-ordering from their website well in advance, which is just as well — you might need a little time to save up the cash.

Well, Evangelion fans, now it’s your turn in the spotlight; Premium Bandai has sought out the talents of fashion designer Kan Furuya, who creates vivid grunge-rock inspired aesthetics for his fashion brand glamb. Furuya has put together designs for T-shirts starring the series’ cast of teenage pilots and the most famous of the mech suits, EVA-01.

▼ Megumi Ogata will be happy to hear that Shinji gets his own design.

Each T-shirt comes in a choice of black or white 100-percent cotton fabric, with sizes ranging from the extra small XS to the extra large XL. Keep in mind that Japanese shirt sizes differ from the sizing systems used in other countries before placing your order.

Asuka‘s print features rich reds and a typical mocking message scrawled over the front of the design.

The designs themselves are brimming with personality. Every one of the designs feels like a love letter to the character it portrays; Rei‘s design features her typical somber blue tones and is much less busy than the rest, conveying her catatonic brand of calm.

The edges of Kaworu‘s design blur to an ethereal fade and a looping font over his torso announces “the appointed time has come”, foreshadowing his ultimate fate. Shinji‘s design is a panicked cluster of quotes, including his infamous “don’t run away” line. Mari Makinami Illustrious has a design framed like a glamor shot, and lines like “You smell nice. Like LCL.”

▼ All shirts cost 7,590 yen (US$70.80) including tax.

Lastly, the EVA-01 print is colored in with violent splatters of paint that run together in a vibrant cacophony. Rather than emphasize its trademark purple-and-green shades, the lamb design does EVA-01 justice by bathing it in a rush of other colors. It stands out particularly beautifully on a black background.

If your allegiance lies with the angels then you may want to buy yourself one of the hoodies instead. Available in black and white variations like the shirts, the hoodies have printed slogans down each arm and along the front, while the back is completely dedicated to the Second Angel Lilith impaled upon a crimson cross. The design captures the aesthetic of the late 90s and early 00s with aplomb and is made from a comfortable cotton and polyester blend.

▼ The front of the hoodie warns of an impending breach…

▼ And the threat is revealed when you look at the back.

The hooded sweater is a considerable investment, as it costs 22,000 yen (US$205.23). You’ll have some time to prepare your wallet for the dramatic impact, though: all the apparel in the collection is available for pre-order until July 26, 2020…and we’re sure it’ll arrive well in time for whenever the final Evangelion movie hits theatres.

Source, images: @Press
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