Natsumi’s pink scooter from Weathering with You now on sale from Honda for a limited time

If you’ve wanted to race around the streets of your home town on a pink-and-white scooter like Natsumi, now’s your chance!

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Osaka teens tie rope across road for fun, get charged with attempted murder

Come to think of it, maybe kids actually should stay indoors and online all day.

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Japanese “street racer” grannie takes mobility scooter into street, blocks traffic, doesn’t care

She may be old, but she’s got all the time in the world.

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Courageous cat takes a ride on the back of a scooter【Video】

It’s hard to tell in this video whether this cat riding a scooter is enjoying it or hanging on for dear life, but it seems to be doing okay!

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Limo-bike? Stretch scooter? Whatever you call it, it’s long, pink and has two wheels

No matter what the car, giving it a stretch in the middle makes it a posher ride. I’m pretty sure that’s a rule of some sort. But does it apply to other vehicles? If you stretched a scooter to ridiculous lengths, for example, and then gave it a pink paint job and a bright yellow seat, would that make it cooler?

At least one person clearly thought so.

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Spot discovered on the Taipei Bridge without a scooter on it

Scooters are a popular means of transportation in all Asian countries for their small size and fuel economy. In Japan not a day goes by where you don’t see a dozen or so small engine bikes puttering around the streets.

However this video taken from Taiwan is on a whole other level. What must be thousands of scooters pouring off the Taipei Bridge are simply making their daily commute. The roughly two-minute video is eerily reminiscent of the million-duck march in Thailand last month, and yet it’s also strangely relaxing to watch.

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Watch as lucky scooter rider sent flying by car is saved by an inflatable pool【TomoNews Video】

This man making an illegal turn on his scooter has a small kiddie pool (and a whole lot of luck) to thank for saving his life after a collision sends him flying through the air without a helmet.

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Scooter girl becomes internet sensation with her ballsy driving, epic stink-eye 【Video】

One of the golden rules of the road revolves around the right-of-way. Dig up memories from high school driver’s ed, and you’ll recall that the manual says something like, “the right-of-way is something you give, not take.” In Japan, a term often used to instill defensive-driving skills is yuzuri-ai no seishin, which can be translated as “the spirit of compromise/yielding”.

But we all know people who think that’s crap.

So today, we’re introducing you to a video of a vehicular standoff in Taiwan that is fast racking up hits online. There are no guns or flaming crashes here; rather, the scene is a quiet, humorous one, the like of which probably plays out across the globe on a daily basis.

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This pervert told women there was a cockroach on their clothes so he could grope them【TomoNews Video】

“There’s a cockroach on your shirt!” is the worst pick-up line we’ve heard in years…

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Scooter dog is ready to scoot: This will be the cutest GIF you see today

Dogs, like anyone else, love to feel the wind on their furry, adorable faces. Honestly, is there anything better than rolling down the window, sticking your head and tongue out, and cruising down the road? Maybe barfing on the bed and chewing up all the shoes. It’s kind of a tie, we suppose.

Anyway! Not everyone can afford a car, as pointed out by Mr. Suzuki, but nearly anyone can buy a scooter. So even pups who don’t come from the richest families can taste the open road!

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A look at how Thai bikers roll: with guns, skulls, and pretty birds


A chance encounter on the roads of Thailand led Mike Swift to take a video of a biker so awesomely weird that he put it out on YouTube as soon as possible. At first you’ll notice the pet bird which obediently flies alongside the woman as she rides, which is wild enough, but you’ll soon find that this little half-minute clip is deceptively deep.

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