Ever wanted to literally soar like an eagle? Now you can (sort of).

Forget Universal Studios – experience nature in a whole new way. Japan’s nature theme parks, sometimes called “athletic theme parks,” offer some pretty cool and sometimes off-the-beat activities you can enjoy solo or with the family. One such nature adventure theme park, Nesta Resort Kobe, just got an amazing upgrade that will make you want to pay a visit to Hyogo Prefecture.

On July 17, they’ll open their new Sky Hawk and Sky Eagle attractions to the public. These zipline activities let you zoom down their courses prone so that you feel like you’re actually flying.

The Sky Hawk course is 415 meters long (0.25 miles) and allows you to reach speeds up to 50 kilometers an hour (31 miles per hour) while suspended 32 meters (105 feet) in the air. Since this is a rail zipline, you might feel a bit more stable and secure than a full-on zipline.

▼ You can even buddy up with someone as long as your combined weight is under 140 kilograms (308 pounds)!

The Sky Eagle course is more extreme. On the 560-meter (0.35-mile) course, you’ll zoom along a rope zipline and potentially reach up to a speed of 75 kilometers (46.6 miles) per hour! This is not for the faint of heart, especially considering you’ll be 57 meters (187 feet) off the ground.

▼ Would you be smiling or crying if you were in this girl’s position?

Nesta Resort Kobe is also going to open its new Canyon Slide and Canyon Drop activities on the same day. These involve a lot more gravity, specifically down a hill. The Canyon Slide lets you basically sled down a hill really, really fast.

▼ Children can ride, too…if they dare.

The Canyon Drop, however, is a slightly different story. You can roll, jump, or weave your way through three different courses while encapsulated in a giant, clear ball. You’ve probably seen something like this before, but the different courses are what sets it apart from other rolling adventures.

▼ This probably wouldn’t be a great activity if you get motion sickness easily.

And of course, the nature adventure theme park will be practicing social distancing! Visitors will be asked to have their temperature taken upon arrival, stay six feet apart from other guests, and not enter the park’s pool if it exceeds 3,000 occupants.

This is a great activity to add to your Japan travel itinerary, especially if you’re looking for something that isn’t a typical tourist attraction. And to wind down, you can hop over to Kyushu and visit their onsen amusement park.

Source and images: @press
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