Japanese nature theme park lets you zoom through the air at over 40 miles an hour

Ever wanted to literally soar like an eagle? Now you can (sort of).

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Chinese man turns himself into human rollerblade, gets arrested for zooming on roads【Video】

Arguably a much preferable outcome than getting run over by cars.

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Freerunner barrels down world’s largest parkour course in a thrilling POV recording 【Video】

Those knees must hurt after bounding down 999 steps in two minutes.

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Samurai in full armor doing extreme sports has passersby, internet watching in awe【Video】

A different type of Seven Samurai.

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Japanese athletes brighten up our day with new sport of ‘extreme shaving’

Athletes devote their lives to fully unleashing the potential of their bodies and pushing the limits of how far they can go every single day. But what happens when top-performing athletes take something as mundane as shaving seriously? We’re not sure if this is something normal people even wonder about, but Japanese electronics maker Philips already has the answer for us.

To promote of its electric shavers, Philips came up with the “Extreme Shaving Tournament” featuring a number of top athletes from Japan. And guess what? The top shaver gets to shave in outer space!

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