The Kyoto Zipline Adventure offers a a new way to enjoy Kyoto when it’s in full bloom.

While Uji City to the south of Kyoto City is often equated with some of the best green tea in all of Japan, that’s not the only thing it’s got going on this spring season. An excellent way to enjoy the cherry blossoms in the area from altogether new heights is to book a professionally guided tour at the Kyoto Zipline Adventure.

The attraction is located within Uji’s Kyoto Prefectural Yamashiro Sports Park, also known locally as Taiyogaoka, which contains all kinds of sports facilities and recreational areas for families. Tours are offered seven days per week and take approximately 90 minutes to complete, which includes the time needed for putting on/taking off gear, a safety check, a stop in some woods that are inaccessible to regular park-goers, and even commemorative photos at the end.

▼ Ziplining through the sakura and into our hearts

One tour consists of five courses, which are all named after different types of birds. The first two courses are intended to be more like practice runs for the final three.

1. Pheasant course (キジコース) / Length: 77 meters (84.2 yards), Height: 7 meters (7.7 yards)
2. Goshawk course (オオタカコース) / Length: 60 meters, Height: 6 meters
3. Wagtail (キセキレイコース) / Length: 92 meters, Height: 8 meters
4. Cormorant (カワウコース) / Length: 76 meters, Height: 6 meters
5. Kingfisher (カワセミコース) / Length: 130 meters, Height: 10 meters

During one of the courses, there’s even a place for two participants to zipline together, side-by-side, while holding hands.

▼ Here’s a sample zipline by sakura trees from a recent participant

There are four standard departure times for the tours, with each timeslot accommodating a maximum of 30 people. Reservations can be made by phone until 30 minutes prior to each departure time.

1. 10 a.m.
2. 12 p.m.
3. 2 p.m.
4. 4 p.m.

A fifth and special 6 p.m. timeslot will also become available during the upcoming Golden Week holidays and the O-Bon summer festival.

Admission to the Kyoto Zipline Adventure costs 3,500 yen (US$23.06) per person, regardless of age. Residents of Kyoto Prefecture, however, can receive a discounted rate of 3,000 yen with proof of residency. If this adventure has whetted your appetite for more ways to enjoy the sakura around Japan, see these recommendations as well as an option for those with springtime allergies.

Attraction information
Kyoto Zipline Adventure / 京都ジップラインアドベンチャー
Address: Uji-shi, Hirono-cho, Hachikenyadani 1, Kyoto Furitsu Yamashiro Sogo Undo Koen
宇治市広野町八軒屋谷1 京都府立山城総合運動公園
Open: 9 a.m.-6 p.m.
Phone number: +81-070-1243-7253

Source: PR Times
Featured image: PR Times
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