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Historical Edo Wonderland celebrates 35th anniversary with fireworks and festivals

This beloved Nikko tourist attraction plans to let off 1,000 fireworks “in the hope the pandemic will end soon.”

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Sagamiko Illumillion Christmas light park opening soon, promises glittering Pokémon, light shows

Newly released info reveals exciting things at the special Pokémon area!

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Universal Studios Japan launches mask cosplay contest for Halloween

One of our own reporters has a go at making a personal Halloween-themed mask for USJ’s newest event.

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Sagamiko Pleasure Forest’s Christmas light event to have special Pokémon section this year

One of Japan’s top three illumination parks in the Kanto region is going to get even better this year!

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Our reporters visit an amusement park on its final day of operation, give it a proper SoraNews24 send-off

Complete with pink suits and pig noses, of course.

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Japanese amusement park offers mask stickers so guests can silently ‘scream’ on roller coasters

Scream with your mask, not with your mouth.

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Ghibli Park planned to open in Fall 2022, Studio Ghibli boss to attend groundbreaking ceremony

A groundbreaking ceremony is to be held later this month.

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Japanese nature theme park lets you zoom through the air at over 40 miles an hour

Ever wanted to literally soar like an eagle? Now you can (sort of).

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Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea will close for two weeks because of coronavirus fear

Shut-down goes into effect almost immediately, follows previous request for people with cold-like symptoms to refrain from visiting the parks.

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Japanese amusement park’s new horror attraction involves handcuffing visitors in the dark

Do you dare take the challenge and ride into an endless mineshaft?

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Ninjago World to arrive in Legoland Japan, lets visitors learn the blocky ways of the shadow

Master techniques crucial to becoming a master Lego ninja.

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Tokyo Disney Parks’ Christmas menus include Jack Skellington sandwich!

If you’ve ever wanted to eat Jack Skellington’s face, now is the time to do it.

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World’s first “Monster Slider” coming to Japan this summer

The gigantic new waterslide combines several thrilling slide elements into one monster experience.

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Japan’s largest ferris wheel to open in Osaka featuring glass walls and floors and VIP carriages

With spectacular views both day and night, you’ll definitely want to add this destination to your itinerary for your next trip to Japan.

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Universal Studios Japan to close Back to the Future ride, sell off DeLorean and props

In a bittersweet turn, we have finally arrived at the future full of anime and Harry Potter rides, which means there is no longer space for this much-loved classic attraction.

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Creepy abandoned Japanese amusement park is open and waiting to devour your soul 【Pics】

We’ve seen pictures of creepy abandoned places in Japan before, but what about creepy abandoned places that are still open for business?

Wonderland is an amusement park in Fukui Prefecture that by all accounts should not exist. There’re no cars in the overgrown parking lot, locks on all the condemned buildings, and all the signs are rusted and discolored. And yet, they’re still open, pretending as if nothing is wrong.

Oh and did we mention they’re hiring?

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Nintendo reveals plans to partner with Universal to make first Nintendo attractions a reality

Disney lovers have Disneyland, Harry Potter fans got The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and even those who like Hello Kitty and her friends have the Sanrio Puroland.

And now Mario fans have reason to celebrate, as Nintendo has announced its partnership with Universal to bring you the first Nintend0-themed park attractions!

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Tokyo Disney’s pitch-black Halloween snacks look even weirder in real life

Remember that jet-black hot dog Tokyo Disney Sea announced for Halloween this year? Well, we’ve unearthed some pictures of the actual product, and boy, are they nasty.

What’s more, the Black Sausage has been joined by another, even more distressing item – the Black Gyoza Dog, a hot snack so hellish-looking we can’t believe it made it past the product testing phase. It looked pretty weird in Disney’s promotional shots (above), but it looks even more disturbing in real life!

Join us after the jump for a closer look at the reality of this year’s Halloween Disney food. It’s even more shudder-inducing than we expected!

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Welcome to Wonderland: The most barely functioning place on Earth!

Although Japan is a place of widespread religious ambiguity, there is an underlying belief in a place between the land of the living and the world of the dead. It’s an entirely different world in itself, a temporal zone where you can’t be sure what exists and what doesn’t.

This place is Wonderland amusement park in Fukui Prefecture. The park boasts four remaining attractions that haven’t been closed down due to safety reasons and a distinct lack of guests. Nevertheless, Wonderland assures you they are open… especially if you want to buy the place.

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Tokyo Disneyland honors “proto-Fastpass” given to girl 16 years ago, melts the Internet’s heart

Between the exciting rides, fun mascots and surprisingly progressive policies, millions of Japanese and foreign tourists have their “dreams come true” at Tokyo Disneyland every year. But for every dream fulfilled, there are always a few little hearts broken when a child realizes they are too short to experience the thrilling ride that has everyone else screaming for joy.

Some 16 years ago, one such girl was turned away at one of the rides and given a “Future Passenger Certificate,” a seemingly primitive version of Disney’s Fastpass, which entitled her to skip to the front of the line when she came back as an older and taller Tokyo Disneyland guest.

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