Gather round and listen to a tasty tale.

We’ve seen restaurants in Japan inspired by adventurers’ guilds before, like the Final Fantasy restaurant in Tokyo. But they’ve always pretty fancy, lacking the rustic nature of a real fantasy guild.

Thankfully that’s where a newly opened restaurant comes in!

Y.barn is located in the town of Miyota in Nagano Prefecture, and from just looking at a few photos, you can see how much effort they’ve put into make it feel like a real guild house, perfect for adventurers to kick back and relax with fellow members.

▼ The mismatched bricks, the earthenware tiles, the fiery lamps…
you can practically hear the bards stringing up a tune!

▼ The dining area is gorgeous, something that feels like it was carved out of an
old building and filled with the furniture that the members could scrounge up.

▼ Even the outside of the building feels like a place you should see
robed wizards and leather-clad warriors popping in and out of.

The owner of Y.barn has said that the inspiration behind opening it was a love for fantasy and isekai stories, and always wanting to join a guild with friends. While that dream may have been impossible, opening up a restaurant to give the same feeling of being in a guild was definitely possible!

The building itself was actually crafted from an already-existing shop, and remodeled by artists to give it a high-quality guild feeling.

▼ Considering I can smell the hearth from just looking at this picture,
I’d say they definitely succeeded.

▼ Not sure what’s going on with this one-seat area, but definitely
beware of any mysterious, hooded guests who sit here alone.

Oh that’s right! There’s stuff to chew on here besides just the scenery.

Y.barn serves up a wide variety of dishes, aiming to please all sorts of appetites while you sit and listen to stories from fellow guild members and those passing through.

▼ We love how the food is served in iron bowls and on burnt-wood cutting boards.

▼ Let’s get a closer look at that bread… drool.

▼ Some hearty drinks served in thick glasses.

▼ What kind of adventurer doesn’t want s’mores ice cream,
served in a skillet with warm marshmallows on top?

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In addition to its regular hours, Y.barn is also available to be rented out for parties, game nights, photo sessions, and more. Reservations can be made via direct message on their Twitter page.

They are also in the process of creating an adventurer registration card, so that you can earn points and level up your adventurer ranking.

▼ And for those who are curious, the name “Y.barn” has nothing to do with “wyvern,”
it’s just the first letter of the owner’s name plus “barn,” as in a “storage area.”

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a guild-worthy adventure to go on when in Nagano, we recommend trying fishing with your bare hands, and checking out the mysteriously beautiful mirror lake.

Restaurant information
Address: Nagano-ken, Miyota-cho, Maseguchi 1635-1
Open 12:00-3:00 for lunch, 6:00-10:00 for dinner
Closed Thursdays

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