Become a bear and ‘hibernate’ in the woods with this private hammock tent

Who says hammocks have to be restricted to summer time fun?

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Feast and plan adventures like a real fantasy guild member at Y.barn dining bar in Nagano【Pics】

Gather round and listen to a tasty tale.

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Japanese train station grows wine grapes on the platform

Wait for your train under the shade of Japan’s only train station platform vineyard.

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New Japanese-style Starbucks set to open in Nagano prefecture【Photos】

If you’re as big of a fan of Starbucks as you are of traditional Japanese aesthetics, mark your maps.

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Japan Travel: What it’s like to go on a solo journey on a Japanese restaurant train

Who needs company when you’ve got a Japanese kaiseki feast laid out in front of you? 

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Saying a prayer can open a passage between men’s and women’s baths at this Japanese hot spring

Love can start in the tub at this romantic onsen that puts the power in ladies’ hands.

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A private onsen bath with a karaoke machine is two of Japan’s best things with zero embarrassment

Go beyond singing in the shower by singing in the hot spring.

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Japan’s “eternally 17-years-old” anime voice actress offers fans hot spring resort trip with her

Latest Kikuko Inoue project is like an anime hot spring episode come true.

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Experience the moment the local gods cross a frozen Lake Suwa【Video】

Lake Suwa in Nagano Prefecture is the scene of a curious natural phenomenon which results in ridges of ice erupting out of the frozen surface. Read More

We try out the delicious, fluffy milk bread featured in the Japanese anime movie Your Name

Even though it didn’t cause us to swap bodies, it was every bit as creamy and tasty as we imagined it to be.

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Funeral home in Japan offers drive-through funeral services

When you want to mourn the loss of someone and wish them eternal happiness in the afterlife without getting out of the car.

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The wasabi you eat probably isn’t wasabi, according to new video from Japan

With beautiful images of pristine Japanese countryside, this clip explains why real wasabi is hard to find.

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New attraction lets you relive the thrill of Japan’s deadly log-riding festival

It’s known as one of the nation’s top three most bizarre festivals and has resulted in deaths when it’s held every six years, but now you can experience the ride first-hand at any time of year!

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Crazy convenience store photo shows the secret ingredient powering ancient Japanese festival

Tradition and community are great, but there’s one more thing this Nagano celebration gets a boost from.

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Energetic schoolgirl’s “Pension dance” commercial for Nagano bank isn’t easy to forget

This dance and and its accompanying catchy little jingle, nicknamed the “brainwashing song,” are currently stuck in people’s heads around Japan.

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Magical girl anime PreCure! has its own themed hotel rooms in Japan

More than 10,000 guests have stayed in hotel’s magical girl-decorated rooms.

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Free magazine shows us Japanese grandpas and grannies who are rocking this age thing

Walk into any supermarket or inexpensive restaurant in Japan, and you’re sure to notice the racks of free, pennysaver-like magazines for visitors to take. They really come in handy when you’re looking for new employment opportunities, new and used vehicles, or you’d like a coupon to try out a new restaurant or salon.

But this time, one free magazine in Nagano Prefecture is shaking things up by offering a stylish look into the lives of some of the older residents around the area. If you’ve ever seen those Japanese grannies rocking purple hairdos, you’ll know right away what a brilliant idea they’ve struck upon, and they’ve even put up some promotional videos on YouTube to prove it!

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Star Village Cafe in Nagano Prefecture will have you dining amongst the stars

Humans have long been entranced by the stars — just a glance at the starry night sky inspires us to write poetry, paint pictures or set off on exploration expeditions. And in Japan, if you want that same inspiration, Achi Village in Nagano Prefecture is definitely the place to go!

You might not have heard of this place before, but the village was named the best spot for star-gazing in Japan by the Ministry of the Environment, and they are making sure that their name will be associated with the stars all across Japan. A new themed cafe called Star Village Cafe is opening soon and it’s planning to make you star struck with its interstellar decor. Put on your spacesuits and buckle your seatbelts, because we are launching for Star Village Cafe!

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Japanese wasp-filled crackers: Their sting is far worse than a bite

Although the above picture might look like something out of a nightmare, these crackers are very real and on sale in Nagano Prefecture, Japan.

It’s a senbei, which is a Japanese style of rice cracker, that in this instance, has had a bunch of wasps added to it for flavor or…health or something. We don’t know why exactly but we recently had the pleasure of sitting down with a bag of wasp crackers, only to find that they actually weren’t nearly as horrifying as you might expect.

They were only partially horrifying.

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Make sure to visit this historical onsen once before you die, or just do it right now with Google

Nestled in the mountains of Nagano sits the Ryokan Kanaguya. It’s an inn with over two and a half centuries of history and seems to walk that fine line between quaint and extravagant. It’s also a part of the ever-growing list of bathhouses said to be the inspiration for the Ghibli classic Spirited Away.

Simply by tweeting some promotional photos of Kanaguya from its website, one user managed to net over 24,000 retweets. Needless to say, it’s an attractive holiday destination. But before you go booking a room, why not take a brief virtual tour of Kanaguya via Google Street View which appears to be well on its way to mapping the entire world inside and out.

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