Make your hunt for this new Pringles flavor an adventure!

Much like KitKats, Pringles in Japan come in all sorts of limited-edition flavors like green curry, cheeseburger, eggs benedict, pizza toast, and more. It’s become one of those snacks that you constantly look for on the shelves to see what new flavors are available.

This time around, Pringles Japan is paying homage to the eastern Kanto region of Japan and its famous shoyu ramen made with a seafood dashi base. These Kanto Dashi Shoyu Ramen Pringles will be on sale in Japan starting July 27.

▼ The label features a bowl of ramen set against a skyline of Sensoji Temple, Tokyo, and Tokyo Skytree.

When you open the can, the scent of seafood soup mixed with soy sauce and green onions–just like the real thing–will hit your nostrils. If you didn’t already know they were Pringles, you might be surprised when you bite into it only to find out it’s a potato chip!

The catch? These new Pringles will only be available in special Pringles vending machines. Over 1,000 of these snack machines will be placed around Japan in shopping malls, movie theaters, theme parks, department stores, and more.

▼ It looks like you’ll also be able to nab some other flavors, too!

These machines aren’t just around for a limited time, so be on the lookout for the flavors included in them! They’re bound to have more limited edition flavors available. Maybe they’ll even start selling their original instant yakisoba and cup noodles

Source and images: PR Times
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