Tokai soul food in a can.

Pringles always thinks outside the box when it comes to releasing new limited-edition flavours in Japan. After trying Pringles’ instant cup noodles, Pringles in a 161-centimetre (63.4-inch) can, and Ramen Pringles from exclusive vending machines, the flavour train continues, this time with the release of a new regional exclusive dedicated to the Tokai Region. 

Covering Shizuoka, Aichi, Gifu and Mie prefectures, the Tokai region is home to some tasty specialties, and the one that’s been chosen for this new Pringles flavour is “tebasaki“, or “chicken wings“.

These aren’t your ordinary chicken wings, though, as they’re modelled on the ones made famous by Aichi Prefecture, which are saucy morsels fried up in a karaage style, to give them a deliciously crunchy coating. 

▼ Tebasaki from Aichi Prefecture

Image: Wikipedia/kawanet

The new Pringles are said to replicate the mouthwatering saucy flavour of tebasaki, while the crunchiness of the chips helps to recreate the crisp coating of the chicken. And in tribute to Aichi Prefecture’s famous chicken wings, the Pringles packaging features an image of the capital’s beautiful Nagoya Castle, along with one of the castle’s most striking features — its gold shachi, an animal from Japanese folklore that has the body of a carp and the head of a tiger. 

Image: Wikipedia/Brücke-Osteuropa 

▼ The shachi has been constructed out of Pringles chips for the new release.

The Tebasaki Pringles will be sold in three-pack boxes at stores throughout the Tokai region from 24 November. Though the recommended price point for these are yet to be announced, judging by Osaka’s exclusive Takoyaki Pringles and Tokyo’s exclusive Sukiyaki edition, these should be somewhere in the ball park of 600 yen (US$5.76).

Source, images: PR Times
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