Come with us as we take you through the ultimate collection of all the Pringles flavours ever produced in Japan.

If there’s one thing we can’t get enough of in Japan, it’s the amazing array of limited-edition flavours produced by international brands specifically for the Japanese market. From drinks to chocolates and even burgers, some of the special releases you’ll find here aren’t available anywhere else, making them some of the most exclusive and sought-after products in the world.

One of the big international brands to delight our eyes and our tastebuds with their creative designs and flavours is well-known potato chip brand Pringles. After seeing some of their unique offerings on supermarket shelves recently, we decided to get in touch with the company to find out exactly what types of limited-edition flavours they’d produced in Japan over the years. The result is a mammoth collection of colourful tins so beautiful they would look right at home on the walls of a museum.

With only the 2017 collection currently available on the market, gazing over the entire range of Pringles released in Japan was a test of strength as we weren’t allowed to open any of the varieties from earlier collections. Still, that didn’t stop us from fawning over all the unique designs, which was exactly what we did, as we chronicled the entire collection from 2015-2017 for you below!

– 2015 –

Tasty Salt

Pringles product innovation happened in August 2015, with two sizes and three staple flavours: Tasty Salt, Sour Cream & Onion, and Ajiwai Consomme.

Sour Cream & Onion

Ajiwai Consomme

The Ajiwai Consomme was delisted last month, with Jalapeno & Onion replacing it as a regular flavour from 14 March.

N.Y. Cheese Burger

Two limited-edition flavours came next, featuring the flavours of a good ol’ New York cheeseburger and a hot Thai curry.

Green Curry

Check out the traditional Thai hat flying off the chip’s head as it dips itself into the spicy coconut curry!

Spicy Sour Cream & Onion

This update to the original sour cream and onion variety includes the addition of more chilli for a spicier hit to the taste buds.

Egg Benedict

We say “Eggs Benedict”, they say “Egg Benedict”, but either way, this looks incredibly delicious, with the name of the dish written on the chalkboard in Japanese and a blurb beneath telling us this is “The flavour of a New York breakfast!”

Brazilian Lime & Chilli

This release features a chip dressed up for the Rio Carnival and a description that promises the “Best match of tart and spicy flavours”.

Winter Symphony – Tasty Salt

For the winter holidays, the staple flavours in the range received a 20-percent boost in contents for the party season.

Winter Symphony – Sour Cream & Onion

Winter Symphony – Ajiwai Consomme

Fried Chicken

In December, a fried chicken flavour called “Party Chicken” was released in two sizes, featuring a couple of chip revellers enjoying fireworks and cups of tasty karaage.

– Early 2016 –

Mushroom Soup

2016 was a huge year for the company, with more than 30 releases in total, starting with this creamy-flavoured mushroom soup.

French Salad

Next up was a healthy-looking offering, promising “An addictive, refreshing, tart flavour”.

Wasabi Nori

This original Japanese-based flavour offering appeared in February 2016, combining the flavour of wasabi and seaweed for a hit of umami goodness.

Smoky Potato Salad

With its delicious smoky flavour, this release was said to be a perfect snack to eat with alcohol.

Music – Tasty Salt

The staple flavours in the range were then released in a special “Music” variety, as part of a campaign where customers who collected 19 Pringles were eligible to receive a free speaker attachment to be used with empty canisters.

Music – Sour Cream & Onion

Music – Ajiwai Consomme

Basil & Salt

This limited-edition flavour adds the refreshing taste of basil to its popular salted chip.

Pizza Toast

This tasty offering is filled with the flavours of tomato and cheese.

Manhattan Clam Chowder

This good-looking variety features a chip dressed up as the Statue of Liberty, and the delicious taste of tomato-base clam chowder.

– Late 2016 –

Nacho Cheese

As the year progressed, even more creative delights were released in stores, including a Nacho Cheese flavour inspired by Mexican cuisine.

Flavour of the World – Brazilian Grilled Steak

A “Flavour of the World” series soon followed, to celebrate the Rio Olympics, with large-sized tins featuring the flags of four different countries: Brazil, America, Japan, and Italy.

Flavour of the World – Sour Cream & Onion

Flavour of the World – Tasty Salt

Flavour of the World – Pizza Toast

Crushed Black Pepper

This chandelier-adorned classy looking package was created for the chip flavoured with pepper and salt.

Quattro Cheese

Cheddar, parmesan, cream cheese and mozzarella are the four cheeses used in this flavourful variety.

American Roast Chicken

This American-inspired release captures the taste of an authentic roast chicken dinner.

Hawaiian BBQ

This pink-hued tin has barbecued sauce flavours inside, inspired by the fusion style of a Hawaiian BBQ.

Mexican Salsa

Spicy tomato and onion flavours abound in this limited-edition Mexican variety.

Winter Symphony – Tasty Salt

The staple flavours in the range received an extra-large size again for the holidays, with the new addition of Quattro Cheese.

Winter Symphony – Sour Cream & Onion

Winter Symphony – Ajiwai Consomme

Winter Symphony – Quattro Cheese


A regional Japanese delicacy was introduced to the Pringles lineup last year, with the takoyaki, or octopus ball, flavour available for sale only in the Kansai area (Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, Nara, Wakayama, and Shiga prefectures), where the dish is famous.


Another Japanese flavour sensation, this one captures all the delicious flavours of karaage, or crispy fried chicken morsels, complete with a tavern-like izakaya setting on the tin.

Herb Sour Cream & Onion

The original sour cream and onion flavour received a dill-filled upgrade for a limited time at the end of last year.

– 2017 –

Wasabi Nori

This year kicked off with the same Japan-exclusive flavour that was available back in February 2016, only this time with extra wasabi.

Jalapeno & Onion

Released on 14 March, this is the latest addition to the staple Pringles lineup, currently available in stores.

Music – Tasty Salt

The Music range returned for 2017 with another campaign offering free speaker attachments to customers who purchased 19 Pringles. This time, Jalapeno & Onion appeared instead of Ajiwai Consomme, alongside Tasty Salt and Sour Cream & Onion.

Music – Sour Cream & Onion

Music – Jalapeno & Onion

Mayo Cheese

Another variety currently in stores for a limited time, this one combines the creamy flavours of cheese and mayonnaise.

So there you have it – the definitive collection containing the entire Pringles range enjoyed by customers in Japan. Up to March 2017, that is. We can’t wait to see what new releases lie in store for us in the future!

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