Japanese fried food gets even more addictive.

Every time Pringles releases a new exclusive flavour in Japan, it turns out to be based on a local specialty we can’t resist. This year, things are no different as the snack specialist has announced they’ll be kicking off 2021 with yet another Japanese specialty, this time based on a hearty dish that’s a hot menu item–literally and figuratively–at izakaya taverns.

▼ That hot specialty is karaage fried chicken.

If you’ve never tried karaage before, it’s a Japanese side dish consisting of bite-sized chicken thighs that have been coated in flour, seasoned, and deep-fried in oil. Often served with curly parsley and a wedge of lemon for a hit of freshness, these fried chicken pieces might sound simple, but crunching into them is a juicy, flavourful experience that makes you want to keep eating them again and again.

As if they weren’t addictive enough already, the hearty flavours of karaage will now be appearing as the star ingredient of Japan’s newest Pringles, with onion powder, garlic powder, and multiple spices blended into the fried chicken seasoning to recreate the familiar dish in snack form.

The Karaage Pringles comes served up in a cute pink can with an image of a Pringles chip tucking into karaage whilst sitting on a floor cushion at a low table at an izakaya.

▼ The pink colour scheme is said to capture “the warmth of winter and the anticipation of spring“.

Pringles says the idea for the latest flavour sprang from Japan’s new normal, where less and less people are eating out at izakayas due to the pandemic. By recreating a favourite izakaya snack, people can now get a taste of the tavern’s fun, lively atmosphere at home, without having to spend time fussing about in the kitchen.

On sale around Japan from 25 January, the karaage Pringles will be available in large and small tubes, but only for a limited time. So be sure to grab ’em if you see ’em, and if you’d like to know more about all the limited-edition flavours ever produced in Japan, take a look at this mammoth collection.

Source, Image: PR Times
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