You’re a good girl, Mugi. Now please don’t hurt us.

Not so long ago, Japanese Twitter user Minokasa (@inekaratukutta) welcomed a new rescue dog, named Mugi, to their home. Since then Minokasa periodically posts photos and videos showing how the one-year-old English Setter is getting along with its new living arrangement, and most of them are the sort of adorable scenes you’d expect from a warm, loving relationship between pet and owner.

▼ Mugi running around her new house

Of course, dogs being dogs, sometimes the updates aren’t just sweet, but also a little silly, like here, where Mugi is completely absorbed in the ecstasy of licking clean a container of blueberry yogurt.

But as heartwarming as Mugi is in those videos, she’s still capable of taking on a form of bone-chilling terror in freeze-frame. Recently, no doubt in appreciation of being a very good dog, Minokasa bought Mugi a new chew toy that squeaks when she bites down on it. Pleased with the plaything, Mugi started running around the house happily, and Minokasa decided to take a snapshot to capture that joy, but instead ended up with this.

With excitement making Mugi’s eyes bulge and the chew toy in her mouth creating a dark contrast with the outline of her sharp teeth, it looks like Mugi is lunging with maw open wide to chomp down on some sort of helpless prey. It’s like something out of a horror movie, and to complete the effect fellow Twitter user and dog lover Ayo (@Ayoster_classic) even put together a poster for the creepy flick.

▼ “Minokasa’s Mugi-chan
New toy…squeak squeak…new toy…squeak squeak…”

This isn’t the first time the camera lens has caught Mugi in frightening form, either.

▼ “Recently, I’ve become worried as to whether [Mugi] is realy a dog, or something else.”

Still in quiet moments Mugi appears tranquilly stoic…

…especially when you can’t see her teeth.

Source: Twitter/@inekaratukutta via IT Media
Top image: Twitter/@inekaratukutta
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