Does anyone out there still adhere to the low-carb diet? You know, the one where you have to give up all sorts of bread-y goodness under the presumption that carbohydrates make you fat, and that upping the protein in your diet would somehow help you to lose weight? Well, if you’re in to that sort of torture, fast food chain KFC may have something for you, as stores worldwide have put out various twists on old favorites by replacing burger and hot dog buns with chicken, and now KFCs in the Philippines are upping the game with their new, extremely limited crustless chicken pizza.

And sorry, low-carbers, we lied. As breaded, deep-fried chicken isn’t exactly a proper alternative, you may want to turn away now to avoid temptation. Everyone else, you may proceed to the wonder that is the “Chizza“.

KFC Philippines introduced the new no-crust pizza on their Twitter, calling it the “Chizza”, as the crust has been replaced with, you guessed it, chicken!

With just 50 Chizzas available per store, only a handful of lucky patrons had the opportunity to try this heart attack in a box.

If you didn’t get the chance to try one, we feel this could probably be easily replicated at home. Just get a bucket for take-out, throw on some pizza sauce and cheese, and you’re done!

The Philippines aren’t the only country that’s had the chance to try a unique, revamped classic. KFC Japan has seen the Chicken Fillet Double…


…and the Kentucky Chicken Rice, with breaded chicken “buns” and a rice patty.


Korea got this monster, the Zinger Double Down King, which is, as the advertisement states, no bun and all meat.


The Chizza isn’t the Philippine’s only chicken-ified classic. There’s also the limited edition Double Down Dog, for those times when you need some meat to go with your meat.


Readers, tell us! Have you tried any of these concoctions? What do you think they should come out with next?

Source and images via Netlab
Featured image: Twitter @KFCPhilippines