Getting to safety on your own is one thing, but it’s a whole other ordeal for pets.

When disaster strikes – especially natural ones – stories of pets not making it to safety, being stranded with nothing, or going missing for years aren’t rare. With that in mind, Japanese company Pet Memorial Shop designed a special bag with survival supplies to tide your pup over.

These Evacuation Life Bags, made with fireproof and waterproof polyurethane and polyester, are meant to be secured across and under your dog’s chest for a secure fit. There’s also a strap on top so that you can lift up the dog safely or keep them from running away.

Inside, you’ll find a pair of rubber gloves, bandages, and a muzzle in case you or whoever finds your dog needs to administer some emergency first-aid without access to a veterinarian.

▼ You could probably use them on yourself in an emergency, too.

Besides that, there are two large pockets in which you can put food, water, and any other essentials your dog might need.

▼ There’s even a slot to put your dog’s name in and contact information in case you somehow get separated

The Evacuation Life Bags are available in two sizes: the small/medium breed size costs 13,000 yen (US$119.04) and is suitable for toy poodles to beagle-sized pups. The large breed size is 15,000 yen. Considering it could one day save your pet’s life, it’s worth the investment.

▼ So if you see a dog with one of these bags, try approaching them to see if you can help out.

In memory of the 10th anniversary of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake, Pet Memorial Shop is actually offering these for 10 percent off until March 31, 2021. Considering the number of bigger quakes that Japan has been having in recent years, purchasing one sooner may be better than later.

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