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One trick for dealing with the sweltering heat of summer is to free your feet with some comfy sandals. If you need a double dose of soothing coolness, you can strap on a pair and go for a stroll on the beach as you enjoy the sea breeze blowing across your exposed feet.

But while any variety of open-toed footwear will do the trick, if you’re looking to add a dash of quirky cuteness to your wardrobe, plus share the fun with everyone who comes by later, your best options are these animal-soled sandals that turn your footsteps into those of a cat or dinosaur.

Made by fashion and toy company Kiko +, these are technically geta, traditional Japanese wooden platform sandals.

▼ Ordinary geta

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The geta line from Kiko +, called Ashiato, won’t give you the same height boost as normal varieties, but what you gain in the tradeoff is the ability to leave behind the tracks of one of five animals.

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Given their popularity as pets, we figure the cat version is likely to be the biggest seller.

▼ Officially it’s a lynx pawprint, but we don’t think anyone will argue with you if say it’s from a “kitty cat.”

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The Kiko + lineup isn’t limited to felines, though. Here we see the owl model, which is just the sort of thing to wear when you’re out for a stroll looking for inspiration for your next subject to draw and present to your owl art instructor.

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Reptile fans are also in luck too, with two styles to choose from. Option one is these gecko sandals.

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Or, if you’re looking for something a bit more classic, there’re these Tyrannosaurus rex geta.

▼ Because carnivorism never goes out of style

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Finally, Kio + offers monkey sandals, which come in a hue of orange that’s a few shades off from primate butt red.

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The sandals are available in extra-small, small, medium, and large sizes, which correlate to 16, 18, 22-24, and 24-26 centimeters, respectively. Extra-small and small sizes sell for 2,700 yen (US $26.50) and can be purchased here, while medium and large sizes, available here, cost 2,916 yen ($28.56).

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For those of you having trouble choosing between the various styles, we recommend the cat geta. Not only are they the most adorable of the bunch, now that cats have discovered the joys of sitting, it’s up to us humans to pick up the slack of leaving cat tracks around.

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