A story to warm the heart…and fill it with desire for a set of your very own.

For collectors of anime figures, half the fun is finding cool ways to display them. If you want to show your favorite characters in relaxed or domestic scenes, you might even get some miniature furniture for them.

Honestly, though, miniature furniture can really more accurately be called “simplified furniture.” Since it’s not being used by people, miniature furniture makers will often fudge the details, resulting in a lower-quality finished product than the genuine, full-size thing would be.

That’s not a problem Japanese Twitter user @hula_takochan has to deal with, though.

@hula_takochan’s figures enjoy elegant, hand-crafted furnishings that are also completely functional. Every drawer and compartment on those tansu-style Japanese cabinets can be slid open and or shut, and they’re outfitted with tiny little metal fittings.

Even the chabudai, a traditional low table for use while sitting on tatami reed flooring, is functional, as its legs can be folded up so the table can be stowed away, as is done in old-school Japanese homes when it’s time to lay out the futon sleeping mats.

But while a lot of modern otaku also have an knack for arts and crafts, @hula_takochan didn’t make these herself. Instead, they’re a gift from her father, a 78-year-old woodworker!

▼ @hula_takochan’s dad, who goes by @5ubi10 on Twitter, also made this sakura leaf tray.

@hula_takochan’s dad has had a reduction in his number of customers recently, so in his downtime he decided to design and make not only the 1:10-scale Japanese-style furniture seen above, but a Western-style set as well, including a rocking chair.

Though @hula_takochan’s dad has had a long career, @5ubi10 would like to continue putting his skills to use. “I wonder if there’s demand for furniture like this?” tweeted @hula_takochan in her initial tweet, prompting responses like:

“Yes. Yes, Please sell them.”
“These are on a whole other level from regular toy furniture. You can totally tell they were made by a pro.”
“So so so awesome!…Your dad is awesome!”
“There’s so much care put into the little details
“If you start taking orders, definitely let me know!”

Several others commenters chimed in saying they’d love some high-quality furniture for their 1:12 or other scale figures too, and different sizes seem like feasible options if each piece is being hand-made. @hula_takochan says she’s still discussing the idea of offering his work for purchase with her father, but considering that he didn’t even have a Twitter account until after the work he did for his child started getting attention online, it looks like all the positive attention is giving him some extra energy to throw into his art.

Source: Twitter/@hula_takochan via IT Media
Top image: Twitter/@hula_takochan
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