“Aren’t you embarrassed to have people know that your dad is an otaku?” asks hardcore One Piece figure collector.

Japanese Twitter user Take World 12 (@ta_shi12) has a collection of One Piece figures. In and of itself, that’s not so unusual, since it’s one of the most popular anime/manga series of all time, but @ta_shi12 is among the hardest of the hardcore.

So what sets him apart? Well, for starters, Take World 12 doesn’t keep most of his figures in their dull original packaging. Instead he opens them up and arranges them in beautifully crafted dioramas, regularly sharing photos online through his Twitter and Instagram (takeworld12) accounts.

Then there’s the size of his collection, which is so massive it takes up an entire room, and even then requires a couple of special racks hanging from the ceiling!

Take World 12 isn’t just a One Piece fan, though. He’s also a dad, and he’s become sort of concerned that his kids might be embarrassed that their father is such a gigantic otaku.

But to Take World 12’s surprise, he recently found out that rather than hiding Dad’s hobby from his friends, his son has been actively telling his peers to check out Take World 12’s Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Puzzled, Take World 12 asked him “Aren’t you embarrassed to have people know that your dad is an otaku?”, to which the boy replied:

“Once your dad gets to be this big of an otaku, it starts being something you can brag about, doesn’t it?”

“Thank you,” Take World 12 tearfully thanks his son in his tweet, while also explaining a little more about his situation in a follow-up. It turns out that despite his love of One Piece’s visuals and design works, Take World 12 is almost blind one eye. Some of his extended family members have expressed concern that his diorama building and arranging might be putting too much of a strain on his good eye, but his kids actually lend him a hand in putting the displays together.

The family project seems to have formed a bond between them, as Take World 12 thanks his kids for all their support. “Mentally, I’m the same age as my son,” he says, “but I hope you’ll all continue to check out my photos,” and if it’s a multi-generational project and source of pride for the boy, there should be more great things to come in the future.

Source: Twitter/@ta_shi12 via Jin
Images: Twitter/@ta_shi12
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