Kids’ manga magazine asks a juvenile question that prompts some deep thought and low-brow humor.

On November 3, U.S. citizens will go to the polls to select their next president. Across the Pacific, voters in Japan will also be taking part in an election that’s no less important.

The decision Japan is faced with: Poop or Wiener?

To clarify, this isn’t an instance of Japanese voters having to pick between two equally undesirable political candidates, one who could be described as a dick and his opponent as a pile of shit. This is literally an election between the Japanese words unko (“poop”) and chinchin (“wiener”), organized by monthly manga magazine CoroCoro Comic.

CoroCoro Comic

CoroCoro Comic’s currently serialized lineup includes manga from the Pokémon, Super Mario, Doraemon, and Yokai Watch franchises, and it’s readers are mostly elementary school-age boys. Still, the publishers apparently think the aggregate readership is old enough to make the decision between poop and wiener, an election, we should note, is presented without even a shred of context, as the election ballot/tweet from CoroCoro Comic’s official Twitter account simply reads:

We are now opening the 2020 Poop/Wiener Election!
Last year Wiener achieved an overwhelming victory, but what will happen this year?
The polls are open until November 3. By coincidence, this is also the day of the U.S. presidential election!
No matter who wins, the world may change?
Let’s vote!”

This solemn civic duty has prompted critical thinking among online commenters, including musings on gender representation in the political process and a desire for a third-party candidate to enter the race.

“This is a really tough choice.”
“I’m expecting Wiener to stay firm again this year.”
“’Unko’ has ‘un’ [Japanese for “yes” or “OK”] going for it, but the ‘ko’ brings it to a harsh stop. On the other hand, ‘chinchin’ has a repeating element, so it seems like it’ll be more consistent and reliable, and for that reason I’m casting my vote for Wiener.”
“Poop stops seeming fun once you grow up, but your Wiener continues providing a huge amount of entertainment into adulthood, so that’s what I’m voting for.”
“Since Wiener is a male candidate, I feel like there should be a female alternative as well.”
“’Oppai’ [“boobs”] should be on the ballet too.”

While there’s been much heated debate about by-mail and digital voting for the U.S. presidential election, CoroCoro Comic has had no trouble implementing an online voting system. All you have to do is click on your candidate of choice, うんこ for Poop and ちんちん for Wiener, in the tweet below.

As of this writing narly 80,000 votes have been cast but neither candidate has an insurmountable lead, so vote now!

Source: Twitter/@corocoro_tw via IT Media
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