Japanese pizza fans take strong stance in pineapple poll.

Over the past few weeks, you may have noticed an air of tension swirling around your friends, family members, and professional/academic colleagues. That’s only natural, though, since, as we’re all painfully aware, 2024 is an election year.

Regardless of your individual ideology, though, I think we can all agree that now that the votes have been tallied, tempers will cool, and perhaps appetites rise, as the results are in for Pineapple x Pizza Yes or No General Election 2024.

Domino’s Pizza Japan took it upon itself to conduct this important public opinion poll. Really, it was the only responsible thing to do, seeing as how Domino’s itself had reignited the debate over the divisive tropical fruit pizza topping by releasing its new Tropical Twist pizza, which not only has pineapple on the pie but pineapple sauce inside the crust too.

A total of 161,544 votes were collected, and when they were all counted, those in favor of pineapple on pizza won a landslide victory, with 68.1 percent saying “Yes” to the topping versus just 31.9 in the “No” camp.

● Pineapple on pizza?
Yes: 110,003 votes (68.1 percent of total)
No: 51,541 votes (31.9 percent)

▼ The sliced pineapple, conveniently shaped like a circle (a symbol of approval in Japan) celebrates, while the unsliced pineapple, bearing Japan’s X mark of rejection, grudgingly concedes victory to its election rival.

As for voter demographics, pineapple polled especially well with voters casting their ballots trough Domino’s special election website, via social media, and also at the physical polling station the company set up within Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station, the busiest rail station in the world. Those voting inside Domino’s Japan branches were much more evenly divided, and among those voting via the Line messaging app, the anti-pizza part was actually larger.

Social media votes
Yes: 92,822
No: 38,973
● Website votes
Yes: 6,749
No: 1,792
● Line votes
Yes: 7,818
No: 9,108
● In-store votes
Yes: 1,402
No: 1,316
● Shinjuku Station votes
Yes: 1,212
No 352

▼ The Shinjuku Station polling station

Heeding the voice of the people, Domino’s quickly announced the Super Pineapple Sale, a 45-percent discount of small-size delivery orders of the Pineapple Twist Quattro pizza that knocks its price down to 1,870 yen (US$12), from its normal 3,390, between now and July 23.

▼ Pineapple Twist Quatro

In addition, Domino’s is giving away a vacation to Okinawa, Japan’s top pineapple-producing prefecture. Included in the package is a roundtrip airfare for two to Okinawa, two nights’ hotel accommodation (including breakfast), admission to Nago Pineapple Park, and a pineapple pizza-making lesson at Domino’s Pizza Nagomiyazato branch.

The package will be awarded to one winner who retweets the Domino’s Pizza Japan tweet below and includes the hashtag #パイナップルピザ堪能したい, meaning “I want to enjoy pineapple pizza,” between now and 11:59 p.m. on June 23.

Considering how much our taste-tester P.K. Sanjun enjoyed the Pineapple Twist, we imagine we’re going to be seeing a lot of the Domino’s delivery guy at SoraNews24 HQ over the next few days.

Source: PR Times via Jin
Featured image: Domino’s Japan
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Insert images: PR Times
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