Hillary Clinton shows off 3-D maneuver gear prowess.

Donald Trump’s upset victory in the American presidential election came as a surprise to many, including both people living in the U.S. and abroad. Among those who didn’t foresee the political race turning out this way is Japanese Twitter user @kai2187.

On the eve of the election, @kai2187 firmly expected Hillary Clinton to be chosen as the nation’s leader. He was so sure of this that he even anticipated headlines to appear in the media the next day announcing “Trump Defeated!!”, and decided to sketch a four-panel manga metaphor casting the nominees as characters from smash-hit anime Attack on Titan.

“What am I supposed to do with this manga I stayed up all night drawing?” lamented @kai2187, who nonetheless decided to share it with the world via the following tweet.

In the first panel, we see Trump, subbing for the 60-meter-class Colossal Titan, rising up from behind a wall with San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, New York’s Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty, and Los Angeles’ Hollywood sign in a random, non-geographical arrangement.

Next, the action cuts to Clinton, dressed in the uniform of the Titan-opposing Survey Corps, shouting Attack on Titan protagonist Eren’s famous vow of “Kuchiku shite yaru,” alternatively translated as “I’ll drive them all out” or “I’ll kill every last one of them.” Aided by her 3-D maneuver gear, America’s current Secretary of State leaps onto the nape of the Trump Titan’s neck, the lone weak spot of the anime’s monsters, before dispatching him with a slash of her blades that produces a geyser of blood.

Setting aside the topic of political loyalties and preferences, one can sympathize with the frustration @kai2187 must be feeling about his artistic efforts having gone to waste. But while the election may not have shaken out as he thought it was going to, he can at least take some pride in knowing that his creation is now the amateur manga version of “Dewey Defeats Truman.”

Source, featured image: @kai2187