Son is not currently a murder suspect, though.

On Tuesday, the police station in the town of Soka, Saitama Prefecture, received a call from a worker at city hall. The civil servant said there was an elderly resident of the town who they hadn’t seen in the last few years, and asked if someone could go by the man’s home to check on him.

So an officer was dispatched to the man’s condominium, which he shared with his 55-year-old son. Performing a search of the residence, the officer made a gruesome discovery, finding a dead body in the attic which had been chopped into pieces.

Upon questioning, the son, Akira Ishidoya, told the police that his father had passed away in their home a number of years ago. However, Ishidoya feared that if he reported his father’s death he would be accused of murdering him, and so he instead left the corpse in the condominium while continuing to live there.

So why the dismemberment? Ishidoya says that in May of 2019, the owner of the building in which he and his father lived was considering putting it up for auction, and as part of the preparations in-condo inspections were being performed. In order to keep his father’s death a secret, Ishidoya decided to hide the body in the attic (it’s unclear which part of the home he’d kept it in until then). “But the body wouldn’t fit, so I had to cut it into pieces,” he explained.

An examination of the body revealed no signs of trauma or injury aside from where the dismembering cuts had been made. While the investigation is still ongoing, police currently believe Ishidoya’s father, who would be in his 80s if he were alive today, likely died of illness or non-violent causes, and so the son is not currently facing homicide charges, although he has been placed under arrest for abandoning and dismembering a corpse.

Sources: Abema Times via Livedoor News via Jin, NHK News Web, The Sankei News
Top image: Pakutaso
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