Train lovers will love this opportunity!

Take it from someone who works from home a lot; it’s not easy. There are distractions everywhere, it’s hard to get motivated, and sometimes (depending on who’s home) it’s loud and hard to concentrate. So if you’ve been slugging away at teleworking and need a little change of atmosphere, here’s an idea: book a teleworking space on an express train!

For two days at the end of the month, you can reserve a seat on the Narita Express, which will be hanging out at Tokyo’s Ryogoku Station expressly for this purpose. Since JR East has decreased the number of running Narita Express trains due to the pandemic, they thought of this as way to make use of the train, and perhaps to make back a little bit of the money they’re losing from decreased tourism.

That means that you will get to hang out on a real N’EX train, as it’s lovingly referred to in Japanese; it won’t be a replica. As such, it has all the fittings of a moving train: soft reclining seats, tables, Wi-Fi, and power outlets–everything you need to get the job done.

▼ The interior of the Narita Express

This offering is part of JR East’s Station Work program, which offers private booths and cubicles within stations for people to use while waiting for trains or if they need a quiet space to work. Spaces in the N’EX will be available to rent from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on November 27 and 28 (Friday and Saturday). It’ll cost 100 yen (US$0.96) for every 15 minutes, and those who take part will also get a limited-edition handkerchief with the N’EX logo on it as a gift! Reservations are open now, and can be booked via the Station Work website.

The Telework in N’EX event is a great opportunity to get some work done out of the house–whether you need to get away from your noisy kids for a bit, or whether you just need to be able to use your keyboard without interruption from your cat. But even if you’re not teleworking, it’s useful in many ways; you can use the seats to take a nap, or to take a quiet opportunity away from life to destress. Or, if you’re a train otaku, this is a fantastic opportunity to get up close and personal with one of Japan’s express trains!

Source: JR East via Netlab, Station Work
Top image: Wikipedia

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