Working with cats might actually be counterproductive, but who could say no?

With teleworking not slowing down anytime soon in Japan, coworking spaces are in high demand, especially in hugely-populated Tokyo. If a private convenience store working booth or a Starbucks made for teleworking doesn’t get your creative juices flowing, though, maybe a feline companion will.

That’s exactly what you’ll get at Sanchaco, located in Tokyo’s Sangenjaya neighborhood, just a short train ride away from Shibuya. This coworking space allows you to work with a number of foster cats in the same room as you!

▼ It’s located on the first floor of this pretty blue building.

Since it’s set up in a fairly suburban area, you’ll be guaranteed some quiet time as well. The space also doubles as a working cat shelter, so you could say it’s a creative marketing strategy that kills two birds with one stone (a place to work and to fall in love with your future pet).

One of the cuter aspects of this coworking space is the name of the membership system: “nikkyuu kaiin“, or “Cat Paw Member”. There are a total of six different Cat Paw Member levels, each differentiated by price and how often you’ll be able to use the space.

▼ Here are just a couple of the furry friends waiting for you.

The cheapest option starts at 5,000 yen (US$47.17) a month, and that gives you permission to use Sanchaco one weekday of your choosing per week. The 365 Cat Paw Membership is an all-access pass to use the facilities year-round, even on weekdays and holidays, and costs 15,000 yen a month.

While it might be on the pricier side for some, remember that your funds will be going towards the building’s utilities, WiFi, and–most importantly–supplies to take care of the cats in residence. If you’re a cat lover, that should make your yen feel well-spent. And you’ll be able to attend special events where local produce and cat-themed goods are on sale as well.

So if you’re in Tokyo and tired of working in places like converted capsule hotels (as cool as they are), consider working with some non-human company. It’s purr-fect for social distancing.

Coworking Space Information
Tokyo-to, Setagaya-ku, Taishido 4-6-6
Open weekdays 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Closed Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays (excluding 365 Cat Paw Members)

Source: PR Times
Featured image: Pakutaso
Insert images: PR Times
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