Watch these cute little critters get shampooed and feel all your stress just melt away!

Tokyo’s Inokashira Park Zoo, popular for its conservation program, is known for breeding animals like ducks and squirrels. After all, let’s face it; when the zoo has residents as alluring as this busty squirrel is, there’s going to be some breeding happening. And while people may flock to zoos to see, ahem, attractive animals, after a while you need a break from all the sexy excitement and just unwind.

Inokashira Park Zoo offers a botanical garden and a nice big pond for visitors to enjoy, but sometimes the soothing beauty of nature just isn’t enough to keep you nice and relaxed. Sometimes, you just need to watch a bunch of guinea pigs getting their fur washed.

Inokashira Park Zoo has let visitors get close to its rodent residents since 1987, when it opened their popular guinea pig petting area. But no one likes to pet a dirty pig, so the zookeepers make sure to keep the guinea pigs nice and clean by washing their fur twice a year. And now, thanks to Twitter you can watch the guinea pigs get pampered from the comfort of your own home.

▼ The guinea pigs were most recently washed on December 7th.

Every step of the process is in the video, from the shampoo to the blow dry, and Twitter users were enamoured at how relaxed the guinea pigs appeared to be. Even when the zookeepers are scrubbing at their roots, the guinea pigs remain still, as if they’ve transcended to ultimate relaxation mode. As most owners will tell you, many kinds of pets don’t enjoy being washed, with some avoiding water all together (there are, of course, exceptions) so people were surprised at how calm the guinea pigs remained throughout the whole shampoo process.

“I’m pretty sure the reason the guinea pigs remain so still is because the staff are so skilled. They completely trust you.”
“The staff even go as far as to cover the guinea pigs ears to stop water from going in!”
“Everyone is so well behaved!”
“So cute! I wanna take a bath with guinea pigs!”

▼ The zoo also shared pictures of the guinea pigs post-shampoo, wrapped gently in towels.

If you’ve been having a stressful week and want to unwind by seeing some adorable critters get pampered, this video is perfect. Don’t worry if cute creatures are not your thing, though; Inokashira Park Zoo has plenty of other animals to enjoy too, including the King of the Monsters himself!

Source, images: Twitter/@InokashiraZoo
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