In a country that always appreciates a nice chest, this sexy beast is the latest Internet star.

Some people would say that Japan is obsessed with breasts, and they wouldn’t exactly be wrong. This is, after all, the country where animators are given such poignant artistic instructions as “The boobs are important,” and where modern linguistics evolved to not only include the term “breast slash,” but an entire cafe dedicated to the phenomenon was opened.

So perhaps it shouldn’t be such a surprise that one Japanese Twitter user, @boblim1204, recently shared a photo of an “incredibly sexy squirrel,” thanks to what he perceived as its extremely busty figure. But before you dismiss his remark as just another case of Japan having boobs on the brain, take a look at the picture and decide for yourself.

There’s no denying that this squirrel, a resident of the Squirrel Trail section of Tokyo’s Inokashira Park Zoo, appears to be holding a set of heaving breasts in its hands, cupping them for maximum shapeliness and cleavage creation. The surprisingly suggestive snapshot has racked up well over 100,000 likes, and those stricken by the super-sexy squirrel have been leaving comments like:

“She’s totally my type.”
“It is imitating a human woman covering her nipples?”
“She’s got kyonyu.”
“I bet she’s the guradoru of the squirrel world!”
“Or maybe she’s an AV (animal video) actress?”
“She reminds me of Disney’s Clarice.”

▼ Clarice

However, it’s not a certainty that the squirrel in @boblim1204’s above photo actually has such a large and curvaceous chest. It could just be an optical illusion caused by the way the animal’s fur bunches up, and the position of the arms isn’t something that’s all that incredibly unusual for squirrels, showing up again in the upper-left photo here.

But with his eyes now opened to the potential of cute squirrels and their ilk, @boblim1204 has gone on to create an animal girl character he’s named Shimada Arisu, a pun on shima risu (“chipmunk”).

Of course, it should be pointed out that it’s not like @boblim1204 went to the zoo searching for breasts. He actually described his overall experience in the squirrel sanctuary as soothing and relaxing (going so far as to use the word iyasareru/”healing”). Still, the zookeepers may want to refrain from feeding the photogenic squirrel any daikon radishes, lest the combined sexiness become too much for the park to handle.

Source: Twitter/@boblim1204 via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter/@boblim1204