“Your girlfriend is looking a little hairy lol.”

It can be nice to have a significant other in your life. Someone who you can evolve into Blastoise with together, or at the very least, someone who can call an ambulance if you choke on dinner or slip and fall in the bathtub.

That might’ve been what Japanese Twitter user Nekomarusuisan was worried about when his girlfriend was taking a bit too long in the bath the other day. He went to check on her, to make sure everything was okay.

What he found was shocking.

“I was worried because my girlfriend hadn’t come back from the bath.
When I went to check, she was busy enjoying paradise.” 

No, wait! it’s not what it looks like. I swear I… okay, maybe it is what it looks like.

If we were the girlfriend, we probably wouldn’t have moved from that position either. A nice drink, a nice game, and two nice cats. What more could you possibly want?

For those who have never seen a Japanese bathtub cover before, that’s what the white thing is that the cats are lying on. It’s used to cover up the bathtub when not being used, to keep the water warm for the next person. And also to make a sweet gaming table, of course.

Here’s how Japnese netizens reacted:

“I like how the phone is in a waterproof bag but the Switch is not lol.”
“Is she playing Yoshi’s Island?”
“Every item in the picture just makes it better and better.”
“Be careful drinking while bathing!”
“Your girlfriend is looking a little hairy lol.”

▼ Nekomarusuisan also has a YouTube channel for their cats, Chamunosuke and Marukichi.
You can see them here begging for a taste of that sweet bathwater!

Ahh, isn’t it nice to have someone who cares about you? I think we all need someone in our lives who’s willing to check on us in the bath, or sneak into our house when we’re not home to cook us food even though we’re not even dating.

…wait a minute.

Source: Twitter/@nekomarusuisan7 via My Game News Flash
Top image: Pakutaso
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