He probably won’t be getting job offers to become a hand model, but to Ghibli fans, they’re as beautiful as they can be.

Studio Ghibli co-founder Hayao Miyazaki has one of the most recognizable faces in the Japanese entertainment industry. For a guy who often seems to treat anything other than working directly on his latest anime project as an disagreeable chore, he shows up on camera surprisingly often, and his distinct white hair, neatly trimmed beard, and thick-framed glasses mean just about anyone can instantly recognize the legendary director.

But recently it’s not Miyazaki’s face that has people talking, but his hands. The newly-launched Studio Ghibli Twitter account recently shared a photo of a sample page from the soon-to-be-released Hayao Miyazaki and the Ghibli Museum art collection book, and resting on the tome is the hand of none other than Miyazaki himself.


“Yesterday Miyazaki-san held a copy of Hayao Miyazaki and the Ghibli Museum. ‘You put a lot of work into this’ he told the book’s art director,” the tweet reads. “Then he said ‘I’m sorry to leave while you’re so excited, but I have background art that’s waiting to be checked’ and went back to the studio,” likely referring to production work on his upcoming anime film How Do You Live?.

Sure enough, just two days later the Ghibli account sent out another photo of Miyazaki’s hands, this time in their natural environment his animation work desk.


The photos are a rare look at the means by which Miyzaki begings the process of transferring the ideas in his mind to the theater screen and ultimately the viewer’s heart, and online relations have included

“All I can say is thank you for posting this.”
“Those are hands that have come so far, earning things and bestowing things along the way.”
“There are beautiful works of art that could only have been brought into this world by Hayao Miyazaki’s hands.”
“You can tell how hard he’s worked his whole career by looking at his hands.”

Having just celebrated his 80th birthday, it’s no surprise that Miyazaki’s hands have their share of spots and blotches. But by far the most common reaction to them has been “Hatarakimono no kirei na te,” meaning “Those are the beautiful hands of a hard worker,” and we can’t wait to see what they’ll create next.

Source: Twitter/@JP_GHIBLI via Huffington Post Japan
Insert image: Twitter/@JP_GHIBLI
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