We should all try to find something in life that we can love this much.

Shiba Inu are, far and away, the Japanese Internet’s favorite breed of dog. It’s pretty easy to see why, too. Not only are they playful and energetic, they have extremely expressive facial features. When a Shiba is happy, there’s absolutely no hiding it.

Take, for example, Onigiri, the one-and-a-half-year-old Shiba owned by Japanese Twitter user @5ME7PwbMMjDNOY0. Just look at that grin on his face as he’s out for a walk on a sunny afternoon. And you know something? Even that’s nothing compared to how happy the dog was when he experienced snow for the first time.

“This was Onigiri’s first time in the snow, and he was so excited that he went beyond the bounds of joy,” @5ME7PwbMMjDNOY0 tweeted along with the video. Arguably the highlight comes at the eight-second mark, when Onigiri makes a blissful spin that turns into a controlled slide carrying him to the far edge of the frosty garden space.

▼ Onigiri, showing that he actually is capable of standing still too, if he feels like it.

With Japan going through a cold snap recently, snow hasn’t been a one-time event for Onigiri either. In a newer video, his doggy mind doesn’t immediately react with “WHOOOA OH MY GOD WHAT IS THIS STUFF IT’S SO COOL I GOTTA RUN RUN RUN,” the Shiba still looks to be having a great time with the realization that he can make footprints in the slush and chomp at falling snowflakes.

It’s the first video that’s really got people falling in love with Onigiri, though, earning over one million views and comments like:

“I don’t think there’s anyone on Earth who could get him to sit right now.”
“Watching him having such a fun day makes my heart so happy too.”
“You can almost hear him shouting ‘Yes! This is awesome!’”
“It’s like someone hit the fast-forward button.”
“I like how he goes into an S-curve drift after he spins.”

That last observation would would make Onigiri Japan’s second drifting pooch, following Kinako, who showed off her high-speed cornering skills in the mountains a while back. Maybe someday they’ll meet up and settle who Japan’s top drift dog is, but for now, Onigiri is lucky to have at least a few more snow days before the start of spring.

Source: Twitter/@5ME7PwbMMjDNOY0 via IT Media
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